Smartphone Marketshare in Africa

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The above infographic should serve as a guide for developers targeting the African continent.

Source: Afrographique

  1. Nokia is leading the market in Africa like in other continents. I think may be nokia is not much popular after new brands came in but it is still leading the market because they are offering a wide range of cell phones which ranges from most cheap cell phones to highly corporate and luxury phones

  2. and symbian leads by a monster margin. I bet 75% of the 90% that symbian has garnered is all Nokia. This goes to show the mindshare that Nokia has been able to garner. Symbian apologists might be moved to say it’s Symbian’s doing, but that’s not true Nokia is what people buy and also Cameras quality too. Nokia should merge the S40 platform with Meego If that’s possible and it would not just disrupt the market, it would totally blow apart the market.

  3. This is the reason why no sane company will kill Symbian. All the hype about its death by 2015 is just Nokia throwing in the towel. Another company will pick it up from there.

    I swear on your life :

  4. There is nothing as funny as seeing Blackberry’s %.

    Folks in Nigeria using Blackberry believe BB has taken over the world.


  5. What’s good about symbian? The OS is dead and should be buried in 2015.

  6. Some people believe that, Blackberry devices have a unique way of making the person(s) holding them appear “smart”. ^.^

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