Smartphone Photography: Contrasting Light And Dark In Direct Sunlight

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I took a lot of pictures the other day that we had an appointment with a solar eclipse. A lot. While the eclipse refused to put on a show for me, I did capture some very interesting photographs. They all involved pointing the camera at the sun directly. Of course, it is easy to get contrasts of light and dark under such conditions if one frames the shot to include buildings or other items. Here is one nice shot that I got:

Photo Direct Sunlight

The camera was the Nokia Lumia 920, and I used Nokia Camera app to take the photographs. No editing has been done except for resizing the image to reduce its size for upload. I framed the sun and clouds between the roofs of two adjacent buildings. You can see the silhouette of the roofs against the bright sky. In this particular shot, a section of the sun is shielded by a cloud. Note the subtle flare. In the other shots where no cloud hid the sun, the flare is much stronger.

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