The October 2010 edition of the Smartphone Show has come and gone. This afternoon at the Guest House, University of Lagos, seven (7) of us

Smartphone Show October 2010 recap – and Promo Winners!

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The October 2010 edition of the Smartphone Show has come and gone. This afternoon at the Guest House, University of Lagos, seven (7) of us gathered, talked, shared and demonstrated.


The discussions were rich and it was clear that everyone there was passionate about mobile devices and services. Four smartphone platforms were represented – Windows Mobile, Android, Symbian and Blackberry.

The discussions and interactions were so engaging that the meeting easilly went on till almost 4.00 p.m. when I had to reluctantly bring it to a halt. If you missed this maiden edition, you missed history!

But after all the talking and demonstrating, there was one more task left to do.

WIN-a-Smartphone Promo Winners!

For the last two months, Mobility Nigeria has run a promo in which participants had the opportunity to win one top-end smartpjhone and two other phones. All persons who purchased a phone from the phone store during the duration, as well as all persons who purchased our special Blogsite offer, were entered for the promo.


At today’s event, we solicited the help of three participants to help draw names of the winners. The picture above shows Belushi helping to pick the name of the 2nd Prize winner. Let the drums roll, as I present to you the winners and their prizes!

3rd Prize – Nokia C3
– Mr. Olufemi Bankole (Lbankz here on Mobility Nigeria)

2nd Prize – Nokia 5230 (Symbian smartphone)
– Dr. Ovie Albert (Afewgoodmen here on Mobility Nigeria)

Grand Prize – Samsung 8500 Wave (Bada smartphone)
– Dr. Abiose Adedoyin (deoladoctor here on Mobility Nigeria)

We will be sending out the prizes sometime this week, so winners can expect them before the end of the week or early next week.

Our promos are going to run regularly, so look out for more opportunities to win something.

This edition of the show is now history, but all of us who attended have pleasant memories to take with us. Thanks to those who showed up! Let’s do it again soon!

In the meantime, here are pictures from the event:

“These are some pictures from the maiden edition of Mobility Nigeria’s Smartphone Show.”

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  1. Wow! That was an exciting time we had today at the smartphone show.

    Looking forward to the next edition.

  2. I must say that I am profoundly astonished. I still can’t believe that I actually won something. I was just checking in to see how the show went, having narrowly missed it (just got in from enugu as I speak) and viola, I’ve won!??Thank you, mobility nigeria, for making a smartphone convert out of a former pc chauvinist, and then giving him something else to smile about. ??P.S: Within two months of discovering this site, I’?ve become the local champion on all things mobile in my localty:-)(pun intended).

  3. Wow!!! Is it true or am dreaming? I’ll most likely wake up in the morning to find its all a sweet dream.

    Me, getting the grand Prize. Its too good to believe. For now I am short of words. Maybe I’ll be able to say something when I wake up in the morning, rub my eyes, and look again…

  4. Lbankz, I’m delighted reading yourr testimony. Hang around here some more; it can only get better. Cheers.

  5. Deoladoctor,

    Are you up yet? Is your name still listed under the grand prize?

    Congrats, sir!

  6. @Yomi Adegboye. You bet I will (hang around)…it would take the whole 25th Armored Cav Division, and then some, to get me out of here.

    With your permission, I’d like to share this post on fb, give my peeps a chance to see what I’ve been ranting about for the past two months.

    I also want to congratulate afewgoodmen and deoladoctor on their winnings, they are certainly well deserved. This is a vibrant tech community if I ever saw one, populated by mobile tech moguls, and I can’t begin to tell you how much I have learnt from their contributions to this forum.

  7. Lbankz,

    Feel free to share. There are social network sharing buttons at the end of each post with which you can share conveniently.

  8. @Yomi and all over there at mobilitynigeria, i say a big thank you. Its really true. I opened your site on my BB browser and still found my name, then again on my laptop and behold,its still there for the grand price.

    Just thinking about it, all i wanted was a website which you gave me for a “peanut” on a Promo. Now this…. You can’t imagine how happy i am right now.

    Reflecting back on my life, i’ve really never won anything. All i ever got have been obtained with real toil and sweat. My philosophy in life has been “Never Expect a Free Lunch” While holding on to my phylosophy, i believe the groung is softening and its starting with mobilitynigeria. While the toil by necessity must remain, thanks for letting me know that the sweat could reduce.

    You have my support all the way in your laudable endevour.

  9. This is wonderful. Never believed my eyes. Just felt I must have been dreaming! Maybe seeing double.

    Alas, this is just the truth. I am actually the runners up to deoladoctor! A winderful and pleasant surprise! Just unbelievable.

    Thanks Yom, for all you’re doing. you make us Proud! mobilitynigeria is here to stay, to surpass even Engadget, gizomodo or Pcworld! And we are at your back to support you and make it all come true! Kudos!

  10. This is really nice. I wouldn’t miss the Smartphone show for half the world when it holds next. And I would take multiple entries so that I would increase my chance of winning!

  11. Yomi, the EMS office in Sapele called me yesterday morning to come collect my parcel from MobilityNigeria. It was the greatest day of my life. This confirms the HONESTY AND transparency of mobilityNigeria. I am elated and short of words.

    Thank you so much. I believe the sky is truly your limits with this type of transparency. I will never hesitate recommending your site to anyone in the world.

    Keep it up. The sky is truly your limits.

    Thank you and God bless.

    Sorry am not used to this device yet so forgive any typo.

  12. This is the best thing coming to Nigeria. MobilityNigeria is at the foremost of mobile innovation in COuntry! If you all remember, I won the Second Price. I got me Nokia 5230 at the same time with Deoladoctor. Deoladoctor has revealed a State Secret! Or need I repeat that I was ecstatic at receiving the prize?

    I didn’t sleep last night. I was fumbling with the phone trying to come to terms with the Symbian OS. Also I have to understand that unlike the iphone I have to click twice on many application and menus to open it. The first click in most of the cases is only to select it!

    And just like the writer that I am I am going to do a comparative review of this device. That is Symbian against iOS. And I am going to be impartial. SO far, the device has been doing well. Nokia is a mature OS, albeit with some few inconsistencies.

    Thanks YOM! Thanks MObilityNigeria. God Bless you all and Godspeed!!

    I can’t wait for the next Smartphone show. And I hope to be there LIVE!!

  13. Congrats to deoladoctor and afewgoodmen {How on earth did you come with that alias?}
    @Deoladoctor, I hope my review of the Samsung Wave helps. I’m interested in sharing info about this awesome phone.

  14. @spacyzuma

    Thanks also for your review. I actually really studied it like a textbook knowing that my wave was on the way. We shall compare notes once am able to settle down with the phone. But so far, I’ve not seen why its a smartphone though its way way ahead of feature phones.

    But man, its a real beauty to behold and sweet to use. I wonder what is so special in iOS. This phone has all that iOS has and more.

  15. Lbankz,

    All that’s left is your prize now. As discussed on phone with you, we couldn’t deliver to you because the address you gave in your promo entry was incomplete.

    Fortunately, you are in Lagos. Please have your C3 picked up before the end of November. We don’t keep stock at our office, but we have had to keep yours all these weeks.


  16. @Yomi,

    Sorry about the delay and making you hold on to it all this time, I’ll pick it up ASAP.


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