When your smartphone suddenly starts misbehaving

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Without any warning, your precious smartphone suddenly starts acting up. Before now, it generally ran smooth. Now, it freezes, hangs, or even reboots. Here are a few steps you can take to resolve the issue.

In my experience, the first thing to do is take a look at which applications were recently installed on the phone just before the instability started. If you did install some apps around that time, chances are that one or more of them are responsible for the instability.

smartphone suddenly misbehaves

Uninstall all the apps that make that list. If your phone runs better after that, then you are sure that one or more of them is the culprit. If they are all non-essential apps, you can go on with your life.

However, if one of those apps is important to you, you may want to pinpoint the particular rogue app. Re-install the deleted apps one at a time and check to see how your phone behaves after installing each. You should be able to narrow down the list to the particular app that is messing things up.

Once confirmed, delete that app and keep the others.


  1. Apps from untrusted sites are harmful. I have occasionally use app from mobil9, zedge but never good 4 my phone,
    Its adviceable

  2. Apps from untrusted sites are harmful. I have occasionally use app from mobil9, zedge but never good 4 my phone, Its good u download and install from trusted websites .

  3. Any app that isn’t a must on my phone is deleted…I’ve even deleted bbworld app frm my phone now 🙂

  4. If u install / uninstal apps lot, it is necessary to do occasional soft / hard rest on your devive.

    This will keep it in pristine condition.
    This is just like intermittent detoxification of the human body.- necessary for a body that lasts longer.

    @Tornado, even the so_called safe sources for apps are often infiltrated with malware. Google Play, for example. I feel the key thing is eternal vigilance.

  5. Very true. A few days ago, I installed one app that was supposed to help me optimize my battery only for me to discover that my battery that usually takes me for at least a full day on single charge barely lasted up to midday. Normalcy returned when I uninstalled the app.

  6. When my smart phone starts miss behaving, I do a soft or hard reset depending on circumstances. It is usually too stressful (for me) looking for the rogue software. Sometimes, a component that was installed to enable a new application work, might be the culprit, and such component may not be uninstalled when the primary application is uninstalled.
    Sometimes I even go ahead and flash the phone.

  7. My phone is misbehaving everytime i work on it it take back to start option.
    Kindly assist as this has been so pset to me.
    Phone type is SUMSANG GALAXY NOTE4

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