No; my smartphone didn’t fall into the fire and need cooling. That isn’t why it is sitting on the water dispenser in a corner of

Why my smartphone is sitting on the water dispenser

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No; my smartphone didn’t fall into the fire and need cooling. That isn’t why it is sitting on the water dispenser in a corner of the room. Let me explain to you with a short story. Once upon a time….

smartphone corner stable network signal

Once upon a time, Smile 4G launched service in Lagos and I went to buy a SIM card and mifi to get on the service. Getting home, I found that I resided on the very fringe of their network coverage. Hunting around the house, I found a spot on a painting in the living room where the mifi was able to hold a good signal. That spot became the default position for my Smile mifi till they improved coverage. Now, I get full bars from Smile at home, regardless of where I am in the house. Hallelu!

Fast forward two years later and I have found myself in the same situation with Ntel 4G. The network signal manages to stray into my living room and nowhere else in the house. But the signal is very weak, and so it comes and goes. Again, I went hunting for a good location.

The spot that I found is on top of the water dispenser in a corner of the living room. My phone holds a stable network signal there and serves as a wireless hotspot so I can get work done at good speeds when at home.

I am guessing that you have your own stories too of the crazy things you have done to get a stable network signal for internet service at home or at work. I would like to hear your story, so share in the comments section.

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  1. When I and I was a lot younger, we used to play hide and seek. I believe I have somewhat outgrown that hanky panky now..

    Why then would i regress into to playing hide and seek with network signals, decades after, as an adult?. Mbanu!

    If a signal cannot hunt me out wherever I happen to be, I would simply hunt down a better network to roll with.

    Let’s leave Child’s Play 3 to the kids, abeg.

    That’s all.

  2. Once upon a time, I bought Spectranet’s mifi and took it home only to find out that there was no signal in my house. You needed to have seen me pulling at my hair. N16000 want to enter bush just like that. A few days later, I found 2 spots: one in the middle of my bed and the other by the window sill in the living room. I chose the latter because the one in my room was unreliable.
    However, I didn’t get full bars. Just one tiny shekele bar like that. 🙁 but I decided to manage it like that. It was working and more reliable than GSM networks then.

    Fast forward to March this year, they decide to increase the cost of their data plans (more or less doubled the cost sef). After my subscription expired, I didn’t subscribe to the new plans with the high costs even after my twitter campaign to boycott their service. Nobody joined me. Got repeated messages and mails asking me to renew my plans. Even got a call from customer care. Told the lady that I do not support their new rates and that network is still pretty shitty in my area. She asked a couple of questions like they were going to do something about it.

    Decided to subscribe when they were doing the double your data promo only for me to get home and see that that window sill spot… Ehn that one. It is now a dead spot. Everywhere in the house is a dead spot. I mailed to complain, got a reply they were going to send someone to my place to look it up. Please if you see any Spectranet engineer that is looking for where Ijegun is please call me o because till my subscription expired he didn’t come. Complained on Twitter as well and they posted me too. They even stopped taking notes of my complaints sef. Now my subscription has expired for 2 weeks now. No mails or messages asking me to renew. And no calls from customer care.

    Let’s just say I’m a Lannister and I never forget.

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