This smartwatch’s battery will run non-stop for two years

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Regular battery life for the smartwatches we have today, is usually one day or two, after which a recharge is needed for continued usage. This has been the case for many smartwatch owners – that stress of having an extra device to charge. That may change with this pair of watches released by Swedish maker Kronaby.

Kronaby smartwatch

The watches by Kronaby will last for 2 years before needing a replacement. No recharge needed. It comes in four flavors: Apex, Carat, Nord and Sekel. They don’t run on Android Wear, instead they look like the regular watch.  What makes it “smart”, is that it connects to Android or iOS devices through an app. From there, it can track your steps, control music and notifications, and do many other things. Call it a kind of hybrid smartwatch.

The watches are available for sale in Europe and UK with prices ranging from £315 to £495. It starts shipping March 2017.

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