In my opinion, if you are based in Lagos, the most reliable 4G LTE service is from Smile Communications. So, I have taken the pains

Best Smile 4G LTE data plans and Smile 4G LTE devices

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In my opinion, if you are based in Lagos, the most reliable 4G LTE service is from Smile Communications. So, I have taken the pains to compile a list of the best Smile 4G LTE data plans and available Smile 4G LTE devices that you can use on the network.

While there are a number of 4G LTE service providers in Nigeria, not a lot of them are reliable. And I have used them all – Swift 4G, Spectranet 4G, Ntel 4G, Smile 4G, as well as the big four – MTN, Glo, Airtel and 9mobile. It doesn’t mean that Smile doesn’t act up. It does; just not as bad as the others do.

Best Smile 4G LTE Data Plans

Reliability aside, Smile 4G LTE data plans are generally expensive – more expensive than what you get from competing 4G service providers. As a matter of fact, I argue that Smile 4G has some of the most expensive data plans around.

Still, there are some good value plans available. Here are my recommended Smile 4G LTE data plans:

  • 2GB SmileLite: This is recommended if you want to spend the least amount possible on mobile data on Smile. You get 2GB for 30 days at the cost of N2,000. This is perfect if you connect to the company hotspot at work or if you have regular access to free wifi hotspots.
  • UnlimitedPremium monthly plan: If you are really heavy user, the Unlimited premium plan makes sense, and you should consider using it. It is particularly great for small business teams that need to share internet access at one location. You need to shell out N19,800 monthly.
  • 3GB Bonus Data: This one is the cream of the crop. For just N1,000, you get 3GB of data with a 30-day validity period. Is there a catch? Yes; there is. Because it is a bonus plan, it is not listed on the Smile 4G website. You have to login to the portal to access it, and it is only displayed to you when you qualify. I have not been able to figure out what qualifies subscribers for the plan, but I am guessing that it is tied to heavy use. It makes sense that if you are a heavier user, you get a lower tariff; doesn’t it?

Those are the best Smile 4G LTE data plans that are available right now. But if none of the above plans fit your needs, Smile has more that you can explore.

Smile 4G LTE data plans and Smile 4G LTE devices

Smile 4G LTE devices

You can get a Smile mifi from any Smile 4G outlets around the city, use an unlocked compatible 4G mifi, or use the Smile SIM card in a compatible 4G smartphone or tablet. These compatible devices are what I refer to here as Smile 4G LTE devices. Here is a quick list:

  • TECNO: Camon CX, Camon CX Air, W3 LTE, Camon CM, Camon XPro
  • Infinix: Zero 4 Pro, Hot 3 LTE, Note 4, Note 4 Pro
  • Samsung: Galaxy A5, Galaxy S8, Galaxy J7 Prime, Note 5
  • Apple: iPhone7

There are many more 4G smartphones from the above manufacturers and from others that are compatible with smile’s LTE network. If interested in using your Smile SIM in a smartphone, be sure to check 4G tests (we have plenty here on MobilityArena) before buying the device. You can also direct your question to the Smile 4G customer care number, 07020444444.

If you want an unlocked 4G mifi, a compatible one that I use is Huawei E5573Cs-322. Make sure you buy an unlocked unit. To configure your smartphone, tablet or mifi, we have the Smile 4G APN settings.

How Do You Smile?

What are your preferences in terms of the recommended Smile 4G LTE data plans and Smile 4G LTE devices? How do you Smile?

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  1. Tnx God u v options to choose from. Only unreliable Glo LTE that is available in my site.
    How much is d Smile Unlimited Plan??

  2. I use Ntel’s 4G with their Awuf data. With how cheap it is, I enjoy their semi reliable data services just fine.

    Those prices for Smile are utterly outrageous that they make no sense to me. If I didn’t know better I would have assumed this is a disguised sponsored article

  3. Before switching back to Smile, I was on Ntel, and the service had become so intolerable. Apart from the connection being semi-reliable, ntel network signal would be gone – sometimes for days. I am tired of calling, emailing and DM-ing ntel customer care every other day.

    Smile is expensive and pinches me compared to what I was paying for ntel. If you do not use your internet for work, any of these networks will do. But when you have mission-critical work to do – clients waiting for you to upload this or fix that – the last thing they want to hear are your internet troubles.

    Happy customers, happy me. The customers smile that I get their job done. I smile and get paid. Everybody smiles, even if it costs more.

  4. My exact conclusions also after using all the 4G LTE providers available. I used SMILE sparingly before but now will gradually wind down my account with one of the providers who tied me down with their numerous double data promos and yet clogged their network with far more subscribers they can serve efficiently with decent internet speed. SMILE the most expensive and don’t even have all those free midnight browsing plans, but still the most reliable as per consistency.

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