On my way to the office this morning, I stopped over at the Smile outlet along Toyin Street. My intention was to purchase a Smile

That time Smile 4G told me, “Now You Can’t”

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On my way to the office this morning, I stopped over at the Smile outlet along Toyin Street. My intention was to purchase a Smile 4G SIM card. Yes, yes, yes; I know that you know that I already own a Smile SIM. What I need another on for? Let me explain.

Why I Needed Another Smile 4G SIM Card

My current Smile SIM is a micro-SIM and I have it semi-permanently in a mifi device. Semi-permanently because if a 4G device with a micro-SIM slot comes in and I need to test Smile compatibility, the SIM comes out from the mifi and spends some time in the review phone for the 4G test. Now, if the review phone uses a nano-SIM slot, arrrgh! No show. And I am tired of cutting SIM cards all over the place. So, getting a Smile nano-SIM for such scenarios seemed like a good idea.

Another benefit of having a second SIM would be that my first SIM can stay permanently in the mifi while the nano-SIM is dedicated to device testing (I can always use a SIM adapter with it depending on the kind of SIM slot each review device uses). Plus, the back cover of my mifi is taking a beating from me pulling it off and snapping it back ever so often. You get. Ehen.

Now, The Story

So, I was warmly welcomed at the door and I was pretty sure that I would buy the SIM card and be out in ten minutes maximum. The lady who attended to me requested to see the smartphone that I wanted to use it with. Errr…. Now, I had to explain my predicament. I am an existing Smile customer. I understand the issues involved (some 4G phones are not compatible with Smile’s network and so the ISP wants to reduce chances of user dissatisfaction/.complaints/bla-bla).

“Sir, a technical person has to see the phone that you want to use before I can sell to you.”

Me: “I am a technical person. I work in the industry.”

“I am sorry, sir, but management left specific instructions. Only after a technical person has confirmed that your phone is compatible can I sell you a SIM.”

This was getting tiring. I recognise a pre-recorded voice message when I hear one. This was a bad case of programming. I also didn’t have time to waste on stuff like this. I had the phone number of a few Smile top management officials, including two of them at that branch. But I so hate to throw my weight around.

“So, you cannot sell me a SIM card,” I asked her politely. She apologised again. I thanked her for her time, wished her a nice day and headed for the door.

Smile – Now You Can’t

I understand the policy. The 4G LTE compatibility issues are nasty. But…But…this policy has been taken to an extreme. Customers are adults. If I say to you that I understand the compatibility issues and take my time to explain things to you, I should be able to walk out with a SIM card.

Smile 4G SIM - now you cant

I got one thing right though: I was out in ten minutes just like I projected – just without a Smile 4G SIM. I am at my desk now and still smiling, not because Smile lived up to their motto today. Effectively, what Smile said to me this morning was, “Now you can’t”.

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  1. Nothing is more annoying than a sales rep telling me I don’t know what I know. The most recent scenario was when in I walked into an accessory shop to request for a Micro SD card, she brought a generic SanDisk, I rejected it that i needed “XC Class 10” she said it won’t work for my phone. I told her to give it to me, she insisted on seeing my phone first. I refused to show her my phone. I told her am a nerd, and i eat tech for breakfast, i went further to say how can my Qualcomm snapdragon 801 SOC device with Krait Cores not read a meagre Class 10 SD card, you have to be joking… She quickly walked away to go get it out. Na waoh ooo.

  2. Next time, Mr. Mo. just go with an LTE phone compatible with their network. Shikena! 🙂

  3. You’d think the company would be glad for the sale. I can understand that some people are foolish enough to come in with a 3G phone, buy a 4G SIM and then complain they’re not getting 4G, or even try it with an incompatible phone and do the same. I’m sure the sales person herself doesn’t know the difference between the 4G bands and which devices are compatible with Smile’s network.

    I wonder how many people walked in and out just like you did Mister Mo, but far more frustrated.

  4. Sebi when 4G options full ground, shakara go stop…really, such situation can be annoying. I only see this as insulting!

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