Smile Communications deploying in Lagos soon

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It is official. Smile Communications will be operational in Lagos in a matter of weeks. The network claims to offer true 4G services over LTE and has some of the most affordable internet data plans in the country. For example, a 3GB plan for 30 days costs just NGN 4,000. Smile will be selling modems and MiFi devices to users along with data plans.

SIMs available for devices

SIM cards will be available for your smartphones and tablets as well. Because the service is based on LTE, you will need devices that are LTE-compliant. Do note that if you are buying a SIM, Smile is yet to roll out Voice, so you will be able to use these SIMs for data only for now. As such, if you plan on getting a SIM, it will be more expedient to use it in a tablet. If you need to use a SMILE SIM in a smartphone, perhaps you should look at a DualSIM phone, unless you do not have a need for Voice on the phone.

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  1. That’s how swift4G promised us LTE and failed. We experienced it for just a bit after launch and never to see such speed again.

    Good we are having new entrants into this game. May be some of the companies will be sincere out of competition for once.

  2. // Because the service is based on LTE, you will need devices that are LTE-compliant. //

    I wonder how many devices are LTE compliant.

    Well.. More competition. More options. Good for the end users..

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