Ade, Ngozi and Smile’s Galaxy J1 pre-order [Drama]

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Ade and Ngozi share a table at the company cafeteria. They talk and banter over their meals and drinks. Ade finished chewing the piece of meat in his mouth and turned to Ngozi.

Ade: Ehen! I remember something I wanted to share with you. I was checking out Smile’s website yesterday when I saw a link that said “Pre-order”.

Ngozi: What are they pre-ordering?

Ade: Olodo. They are not the one pre-ordering. They are wanting you to pre-order.

Ngozi: You are so easy to bait. Who is the olodo between us now? As if I didn’t know what a pre-order means. Anyway, what is Smile offering on pre-order, biko?

Ade: *shakes his head slowly* Samsung Galaxy J1.

Ngozi: I see. The original Samsung Galaxy J1 or the J1 2016?

Samsung Galaxy j1 pre-order

Ade: Huh?

Ngozi: LOL. Olodo proper. So you didn’t know that there is a J1 and a J1 2016 model? Two different phones o. So which of the two is it?

Ade: I dunno. The Smile website didn’t specify which is which. It just lists the Galaxy J1. Dazall.

Ngozi: Those people are not serious. So, I will pre-order now and then get the original Galaxy J1, abi? I even think there is a Galaxy J1 Ace too, and another J1 something like that. Can’t remember the full model name now. Mba. I no do. How much dem call this one sef?

Ade: *scratches head* See, I am done. The webpage doesn’t say anything about the price either. This Samsung Galaxy J1 pre-order by Smile get as e be sef. No specific reference to model. No specs. No price. Just pre-order.

Ngozi: LOL. The jazz that baba gave Smile marketing department must be really strong o. Praise Jah it isn’t working on me sha.

Ade: Serious something!

Ngozi: But if Smile is running a Samsung Galaxy J1 pre-order, that would mean that the phone is 4G and compatible with the network, abi?

Ade: You are funny sha. Before? Would they offer a phone on pre-order if it didn’t support their network? You are very correct, Captain Obvious.

Ngozi picked an unused spoon laying on the table and threw it at him. Ade laughed good-naturedly and stuck out his tongue at her. She burst into laughter too. Then they turn back to their meals and eat on in silence.

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