I am not going to stop saying it: we need faster and more reliable internet access in Nigeria. We need 4G broadband. We have been

Smile launches 4G broadband in Uganda. Whither Nigeria?

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I am not going to stop saying it: we need faster and more reliable internet access in Nigeria. We need 4G broadband. We have been generally treated to excuses for broadband, and it is time that someone stepped up to the plate to make a difference. I do not want to believe that it is an impossible task. Smile Uganda has launched first true 4G LTE in Uganda. Why not in Nigeria too? I understand that Smile have operations in Ibadan already here in Nigeria. I am not sure what the plan is. Why start with Ibadan? Perhaps they are using that city as a test bed of sorts before attempting to deploy in the more demanding cities of Lagos and Abuja? Please, hurry up, guys! In the meantime, we have to ask: how reliable and how fast are Smile’s internet services here? Will they just become another one of the rest?

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Meanwhile, the amalgamation of Nigeria’s floundering CDMA operators under the CAPCOM umbrella seems to have run into murky waters. Poli-tricks, intrigues and sad stories that has turned the project into a game of chess are the order of the day. No one really knows what to expect anymore. Where is Starcomms? Where is Multilinks? Shall we ever see the promised 4G network from this project? Time will tell.

Besides Smile and CAPCOM, who else is venturing into the 4G broadband game? Of course, the usual suspects are there – MTN, Globacom (who have more imaginary networks than Harry Potter has spooks), Etisalat, and Airtel. I am a mobile enthusiast to the core. I would rather have a mobile internet subscription. But, truth be told, I am tired of the under-performance of our mobile networks in terms of internet services. It is just insulting what we get from these guys. I am fast losing faith in them.

Whither 4G Nigeria?


  1. Its possible in this country, they just want to milk us dry, I work with a Nigerian who studied along side larry page, and other internet gurus of today, and he mentioned to me that its possible to provide unlimited broadband for 5k and still make profit. He went on to say he came back to Nigeria to work on that, and trust me Mr Mo, something is coming and its gonna be rude awakening to a lot of industry players.

  2. Mr Mo, you’ve answered your own question with the CAPCOM drama. That is how big business works in Nigeria, who you know that will enable you to navigate the murky waters and bureaucracy to get 4G up and running. And watch out for the backstabbers who will try to kill it and steal your ideas.

    emmaedeh, good luck to the gentleman you work with and his ambition – he’s going to need it!

  3. Take this with a grain of salt: I was gisting with a guy who works at Main One and he claimed that a dedicated/guaranteed 5Mbps download speed goes for N750K per month for their corporate clients and Big Boys. Now, if this is true, who will have the money to pay for LTE speeds that are (theoretically) exponentially faster?

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