Smile SuperData Plan is not enticing

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Yesterday, I received an email introducing Smile SuperData Plan, a new data plan from the 4G LTE network. Smile SuperData Plan costs N10,000 and gives the subscriber 15GB of data for 30 days. The data can be rolled over as well. I read the mail and moved on. Looking back, I wondered why I as unexcited about this huge leap from what obtained on Smile network before now.

Smile SuperData Plan versus The 4G LTE Competition

In order to make a clear case as to why I think that Smile SuperData Plan is not enticing, let us look at what the competition has to offer:

  • Ntel: N10,000 gets me unlimited internet (throttled after 200GB usage)
  • InterC: N10,000 gets me 25GB
  • MTN 4G: N10,000 gets me 15GB
  • Spectranet: N10,000 gets me 25GB

Why Smile SuperData Plan?

The question one needs to ask now is, If I have N10,000 to splurge on internet, why settle for 15GB on Smile SuperData Plan? What is stopping me from just getting the unlimited plan form Ntel? Coverage? Then perhaps my next best bet is Spectranet. The very last 4G networks on my list would be Smile and MTN, which both give me the least value for money.

Sad Smile - Smile SuperData Plan

No Significant Difference in Performance

What is even more pertinent is that there is no more a significant difference in performance on Smile compared to the competition. For several months, I had received reports from a handful of users that Smile 4G was no longer fast. Eventually, it became my personal experience too. If an ISP is going to offer less volume than the competition, let it be because their network delivers better performance. That isn’t the case here, sadly.

15GB from Smile SuperData Plan isn’t competitive or real value for money, in my opinion. It fails to hit the mark in either volume or performance. Smile needs to return to the drawing board on this one.


  1. Was chatting with them on twitter they said its 30gb fa. They called it unlimited lite. My take was why unlimited when it’s 30gb.

  2. I had received reports from a handful of users that Smile 4G was no longer fast.

    Competition is the soul of business.

    Time to start frowning at SMILE be dat

  3. I just love competition, if only glo could improve their services, am very ok with 3g as long as it is good.

  4. “Spectranet: N10,000 gets me 25GB”. Mr. Mo. forgot to add that on top this is free browsing from 1am to 7am every day. Presently, I have 19GB (Used 6GB already) left on my main plan but I’ve used over 45.7GB overall! This freebie has helped me to download paid video classes, paid digital messages, screen capture some free classes that doesn’t allow downloads, download some movies on Iroko TV (I’m not all work you know!) and update my apps. This is the best value for money option for me considering I don’t have access to ntel yet in my part of the country. SMH for Smile.

  5. My Smile modem is packing dust where it is now. Then I bought the so-called “unlimited” for N19,500, only to find out that somewhere around 60gb, the ‘un’ disappeared and became limited (throttled speed that became useless to even open web pages), since then I threw it somewhere in my closet.

    Thank God I had a Spectranet modem also, I don’t think I will look back till I get a better offer. Right now, I enjoy the real unlimited download option, and I have amassed a lot of GB.

    Oh, and I received a call from them the other day…lol (they wanted to know why I have not used their network in a while).

  6. It’s obvious you used smile a long time the unlimited 19800 is 200gb after that throttling starts.

  7. The first and probably most interesting of the three new plans is Smile Unlimited Lite, which costs N10,000 for unlimited internet, but starts with the speed capped at 2Mbps for the first 30GB and is subsequently slowed down to 1Mbps from the 31st GB to the end of the plan.

    The two other plans are a 7GB plan for N5000 and a 15GB plan for N10,000. All the plans come with a 30-day validity period and can be rolled over, except the unlimited plan (for obvious reasons).

    The one catch is that these plans are ONLY available to Smile customers OUTSIDE Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt at the moment, and there’s no gist as to when (if at all ever) they would be available to Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt subscribers. Culled from Techsuplex

  8. Olurotimi,

    When I first saw the Smile UnlimitedLite plan, my heart almost leaped out of my chest. Then I saw the fine print about availability. Hian. Lagos people, una doh o.

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