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Smile UnlimitedLite is now available to Lagos residents

Smile just put a smile on the faces of Lagos residents. When Smile UnlimitedLite plan was introduced months ago, Lagos was left out of the action. This morning, I received a text message that reads:


​Introducing Smile’s UnlimitedLite. Enjoy a fixed fee for 30 days of unlimited internet at only N10,000. Get a new Smile 4G LTE SIM today! #NowYouCan

Smile UnlimitedLite

That’s my happy face up there. I got up from my seat and twerked a bit.

I dashed to Smile’s website to check if Lagos had been added to the list of cities where the plan is available. Yes! Lagos is now on the list. This is great news.

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Ntel 4G is pissing me off right now with sub 500 kbps speeds at the office. And since Smile UnlimitedLite costs same as Ntel Unlimited Monthly, I think I am going to flip back to my old love, Smile when the current subscription expires. Competition is good.


About Smile UnlimitedLite

Smile UnlimitedLite plan costs N10,000 for 30 days of “unlimited” internet. The catch is that Smile throttles your speed down from 21 Mbps to 1 Mbps after you use up to 30 GB usage within the 30 days. 1 Mbps isn’t bad. It is very usable.

PS: People who have subscribed to this plan say the new throttle speed is 512 Kbps after 20 GB usage. That sucks. Come on, smile; you can do better.

Now I can. Thank you, Smile.


At the time of publishing this, Smile UnlimitedLite monthly plan is available in Asaba, Abjua, Benin, Ibadan, Lagos, Port Harcourt, Onitsha and Kaduna.

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