SmileON lets you stay connected even after you run out of data

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Every internet subscriber’s nightmare is running out of data before the end of their validity period. When it happens, it means being immediately cut off from essential internet services until they cough out money to top up.

Smile has just introduced SmileON, which keeps you connected even after you have used up your data allocation. When you have exhausted your data allocated, you will still be online and have access to the following limited sites and applications:

  • Banking
  • Browsing
  • Email
  • Government sites
  • Messaging
  • News
  • Skype voice calls
  • Social networking
  • Wikipedia

During this period, the user will not be able to do any download of movies or large attachments.

To qualify, all you need to do is buy a 5GB or larger data bundle every month. Smile has just introduced the 5GB data bundle for only 5,500 naira. Subscribe to this and you get to enjoy internet access even when you run out of data. In addition, SmileON also offers the following extras:

  • If you subscribe to the 10GB, 20GB plans and above, you get extra 2GB till the end of your validity period.
  • If you subscribe to the 20GB plan and above, you get 12-months validity, meaning that you can enjoy

New User Controls
Smile has also introduced Buttons in the Smile customer Portal to enable Customers restrict people from watching videos or BITTorrenting at home or at work. The buttons let user block or enable such sites/services. For example, a customer can block app updates or stop cloud based services from automatically copying all data.

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  1. this is a step in the right direction. in the US when you’ve reached your data cap you’re not cut off, you just get throttled

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