If you have ever wondered what a SmileVoice call to the USA from Nigeria costs, Mister mobility put the matter to test and came out with results.

What a SmileVoice call from Nigeria to the USA costs

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This afternoon, I placed a call to the United States using SmileVoice, the VoLTE service from Smile Communications. As already pointed out earlier, a SmileVoice call is billed per MB from your data subscription. We already know that local voice calls translate to 8.79 kobo per second on the bundle plan I am using.

A SmileVoice Call to the USA

Anyway, I needed to call a friend today and wanted to see what the billing would be like. The convenient thing about SmileVoice is that you are sent an SMS detailing your usage immediately after each call.

Here is what I received with respect to this international call that I made:

SmileVoice call nigeria to usa

Your SmileVoice call was 4mins 53secs long and charged at 1.6 kobo/sec, total charge 0.0 MB.

I am saying bye-bye to making international calls on regular mobile lines. Heck! Bye-bye to all voice calls over my mobile network. This is Uber cheap!

Calm down, bros!

Just before I rejoice too soon, this amount sent to me is at variance with what Smile says they charge for an international call to the USA. According to the Smile website, the tariff is 30 kobo per second. Perhaps I used up part of my free minutes for the call, hence the much lower rate. Anyway, I shall make other calls after I have exhausted my promo minutes to see how things go.

Before I forget, to be able to make voice calls on the Smile 4G network on your smartphone, you need to download and install the SmileVoice app. Or just get the Smile VoLTE smartphone that was released in August 2020.

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