It is tough being a marketer in this highly competitive environment. Brands are always watching out for ways to get their messages across to potential


Reasons to take SMS Marketing into consideration

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It is tough being a marketer in this highly competitive environment. Brands are always watching out for ways to get their messages across to potential and existing customers, and it falls on the marketer to deliver results. While there is a lot of buzz around multimedia channels like email and social media, SMS Marketing is a channel you do not want to overlook.


The objective of marketing is to get a good results by executing quality marketing. You cannot degrade the marketing quality for the sake of gaining some customers, as that won’t work. The primary thing to do in marketing is to place yourself in customer’s shoes and then think about them. Beyond that, you also have to keep up-to-date with the buying habits each one has and the areas they are checking out for information.

SMS Marketing Benefits You Have To Know

Let us have a look at why you should not ignore SMS as a means of marketing your products and services.


With the proliferation of mobile phones these days, smart businesses are looking for ways to make marketing mobile friendly. No other form of marketing is as mobile-friendly as SMS marketing. SMS is one pretty amazing way to ensure that every customer is well-aware of the new trends or products you are coming up with. It is one of the most reliable and trusted marketing methods.

  • It Is Fast:

Executing an SMS marketing campaign means that you can craft your message and send bulk SMS to customers and prospects within minutes. This entire process won’t take much time. Within a span of 3 minutes, you can send 90% of messages.

  • It Is Universal:

SMS marketing is the most universal form of digital marketing. SMS is built into every mobile phone – from the cheapest to the most expensive. Text messages will get to people who have no internet access too, so it is very inclusive. As long as a person has a mobile phone in their hand or pocket, you can reach them directly via SMS.

  • 98% Open Rate:

SMS is a perfect way to establish an engagement between companies and their potential customers, as it has an open rate of around 98%. That is a much higher rate than what email marketing or social media delivers. And usually, it gets opened within minutes of being received.

  • An eco-friendly option to be honest:

While comparing to email, face-to-face meeting and direct mail, text message will have lowest impact on any carbon footprint. So, for making your business a bit greener, SMS marketing is a great step forward.


SMS marketing

SMS is a very effective channel for carrying out marketing for non-profits and business entreprises alike.

Now you are clearly aware of the benefits, which only SMS based marketing can offer you with. To enjoy the best of this SMS servicing, make sure to head towards the right digital marketing team.

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