Snapdragon Flight is Qualcomm’s push to power drones too

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If we are to mention the world’s top two smartphone chip makers, Qualcomm comes to mind. If you didn’t know before, they are the makers of the chips that power most of the phones you see today.


Yesterday, in a press statement, Qualcomm announced Snapdragon Flight. This is a new chip targeted at consumer drones and applications in Robotics. Qualcomm claims that a drone making company, Yuneec will be the first to sample the new processor. The chip is already on ground for OEM’s to use, but we’ll get to see it in products by first quarter of next year.

Raj Talluri, Senior VP, Product Management at Qualcomm Technologies Inc. had the following to say:

“Today, drones are made from multiple component vendors providing separate solutions for photography, navigation and communications, adding to the cost and bulk of consumer drones,”

“The Qualcomm Snapdragon Flight brings together the technologies that have defined the mobile industry onto a single board, enabling OEMs to build drones that are lighter, smaller, easy to use and affordable with long battery life and superior functionalities.”

Talking specs, the new chip will support 4K video recording, Dual-band WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0. The new chip also has a barometer sensor with ports for additional sensors. There’s also Quick Charge Technology included. What can we make of this? Let’s hope we don’t see over heating drones next year 🙂


  1. That’s a lot of tech on board a drone, and I can see those will not be cheap drones – at the moment, a good drone isn’t cheap. So the idea of “consumer” drones with 4k is going to come at a price, especially as 4k isn’t that big in the consumer market yet.

  2. Technology marches on,new grounds are broken everyday,just hope Africa is not left behind in the new horizon..

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