Snapdragon Smart Protect will secure your next Android flagship device

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In a bid to fight against malware and it’s harmful effects on our devices, chip maker, Qualcomm has just announced Snapdragon Smart Protect Technology. This is an advanced machine learning based technology that is made to monitor the behavior of your device applications in real time. In the process, it detects and classifies any application behavior that is considered suspicious or anomalous.


APIs (Application programming interfaces) were also made available to OEMs and antivirus app vendors to add to the security solutions they have in place and to ensure a more secure malware-free device.

Smart Protect works under the hood, doesn’t connect to any cloud servers, and is steadily monitoring the device. This new technology will be implemented in the upcoming Snapdragon 820 which will be commercially available by Q1 2016. Antivirus vendors like Avast, AVG, and Lookout are already working with Qualcomm to utilize this new technology in their security solutions.



  1. We know someone will eventually find a workaround, but I’m curious as to how much more this will add to the price of an Android device. Because I can’t see AVG and least of all Lookout doing this for free.

  2. So,those with the Snapdragon Chipset already in their phones are left high and as there’s no hope such in their phones..

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