Snapspeed gets big update for Android and iOS

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When you start listing the best image editors, Snapseed makes the first three, this is because of the great features and unique filters the app possesses. Funny enough this app was acquired by Google and was abandoned for close to 2 years till this huge update that takes it to a higher level.


Snapseed brings PC-like photo editing to mobile and below are some of the features of this update:

• Stacks which allow you to re-edit any image.
•Copying your edits from one image to another.
• Lens Blur, Tonal Contrast and Glamour Glow, all new filters.
• Adjustable Lens blur in all directions.
•Applying effects to sections of images with Brush tools, and many more.

Click here to download it for Android or iPhones


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  1. I’ve heard the name only in passing, too. Never knew it was an image editor. But then, I do hardly any image editing anymore.

  2. Na so… bin pack pics art and photo grid, how many times I use them sef.. but wld like try this one, after all d painting

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