A few days ago, BlackBerry announced the arrival of custom PINs and other features on their BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) service. Today, as the pretend celebrity

So, here’s how I got myself a BBM custom PIN

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BBM custom PIN

A few days ago, BlackBerry announced the arrival of custom PINs and other features on their BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) service. Today, as the pretend celebrity that I am, I decided that even if I cannot afford custom car plates, surely I can afford the measly ($1.99) N400 monthly for a custom BBM PIN. What’s a celeb without at least one custom something?

BBM custom PIN - Shop

The process only took a few minutes. Inside the BBM Shop, I tapped on “Custom PIN”, agreed to the terms and conditions (which I did not read), and proceeded to make the purchase. My local bank ATM card worked well for the transaction.

The guidelines then informed me that a custom PIN has to be 6 to 8 characters. It can include numbers, letters, underscores, dashes, and must include one underscore, dash, or a letter between G to Z.

BBM custom PIN - choose

No problem. I got exactly the custom PIN that I wanted: Moverick.

BBM custom PIN verify

Yes; now you can all join me on BBM. The nice thing is this: a custom BBM PIN doesn’t not change when one switches phones, so for as long as I keep my subscription active, anyone who wants to join me on BBM can do so with this same PIN.

Did I hear you say, Cool? Yes; very cool. It isn’t easy to be a celeb abeg!

  1. I opted for no ads instead of a customised BBM PIN. It’s hard enough thinking up new passwords, this one is too much work!

  2. It’s cool but for the minimum 6 digits. I wanted FREDI. Spelt exactly that way. Not a celebrity like @Moverick but I do love “cool” things… Maybe I should just try my Yoruba name-Kayode if it’s still available! 🙂

  3. I was wondering if someone can add a custom pin. I just tried with yours and it didn’t even recognize it as a pin… except if its not Moverick Ur using

  4. Hi kaylese,

    What phone are you using? Does it run the latest BBM version that supports custom PINs?

    Fred above added me yesterday and it worked.

  5. Infinix hot/android. I updated my BBM yesterday. Tried getting mine but gets stuck at payment method. I didn’t set up payment option on my Google account

  6. kaylese,

    I am not sure exactly why you were unable to add me using the custom PIN. It works for others. Perhaps a temporary bug, connection issues, or you spelt it wrong? Give it another shot at a later time.

  7. Mark,

    No surprise there. I didn’t think that legacy BlackBerry devices would be able to use a custom PIN – at least not unless they receive a BBM update that adds that capability to them.

  8. @ maverick ,this G to Z thing,can I create a custom pin like bounce?
    And supposing my sub-fades out…and I re sub after a month,would my pin still be active?

  9. Bigg,

    You can create any words that are available. If your subscription expires without your renewal, my guess is that your Custom PIN becomes availble for anyone to pick up, and if they do pick it up, then that’s it.

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