So, I switched from BlackBerry Passport to Innjoo One

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Three days ago, I wrote about the issues that the recent BlackBerry 10 software update brought to my Passport and my dilemma with switching to a replacement. After that article, I did a reset of the Passport and observed it for about two days. Unfortunately, the battery, heating and hotspot issues have not gone away.

Finally, I made the switch. I pulled out my nano-SIM from the Passport and put it into the Innjoo One 3G HD. First order of business was to switch my messaging services – both BBM and WhatsApp. This was done without a hitch in moments. Thereafter, I went about installing my essential apps.

Innjoo One in hand

So far, so good. I think that I have things how I want them on the One. The last Android mobile that I used as my daily driver was the HTC Desire 816 back in 2014 and it served me well. Barring any surprises, I do not see why the Innjoo One shouldn’t keep me happy.

In the meantime, I shall be waiting for BlackBerry to fix the bugs ailing my trusty Passport with another software update.


  1. It is a sign from God that you need to loose that Passport :p
    (yes I meant loose not lose)

  2. *Feeling Cool* My primary (actually only) phone is the same with Mr. Mo’s! *Doffs hat for InnJoo*

  3. Glad you got fixed up, Mr. Mo.

    BTW, HTC Desire 816 is a gem. Rocking mine now but will change up near year’s end.


  4. Peterjero,

    My contacts are synced in the cloud across my devices. All I have to do everytime I switch mobiles is setup my account on the new device, and…pronto!

  5. Congratulation Mr Mo. At least a burden is removed from your heart. Like I said, you either downgrade the OS that came with the Passport or wait for the next upgrade for the solution. You have finally convince me of the urgent need to get my own Innjoo One. Men, I love the specs.

  6. For someone to switch from the passport and not complain,then the phone they are switching to must be good…
    Up injoo one

  7. Haba! Who’s still asking about contacts stuff in 2015? That’s one of the sweet things about smartphones. Switch phones and your contacts are synced in minutes…

  8. A reviewer like Mr Mo will always find something to complain about whenever a new mobile phone comes around. At least its part of the job.

  9. Only that Jumia has been out of stock for over two weeks now. I’m sure it’ll be sorted out soon though.

  10. You must complain this time around when you start using the innjoo as your daily driver I’m certain on that.

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