So, Microsoft’s Universal Keyboard works with everything but Windows Phone

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Microsoft Universal Keyboard

Now you can get just one keyboard for all your computing needs – PC, tablet and smartphone. The new universal keyboard by Microsoft works with different devices running different operating systems, including iPad, iPhone, Android devices and Windows tablets. The Universal Mobile Keyboard connects to devices via Bluetooth and has an OS switch that lets you change from one operating system to another without losing full functionality.

Here is the catch: it does not support Windows Phone devices. Why? Well, the Microsoft universal keyboard is said to specifically use the Bluetooth HID profile for connecting with devices, and this Bluetooth profile is currently not implemented on Windows Phone devices. No; I’m not pissed. Just wondering.

The keyboard will cost $79.95 only. That is about N13,000.


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  1. Well there is good news. About three days ago, I saw a blog on wpcentral about some WP8.1 GDR2. Features:

    • The ability to create groups of applications in the application list
    • Sorting options in the Settings
    • File manager application becomes a system, so as to be able to use other applications
    • The ability to change the default messages application
    • News communications – DLNA, WiFi Direct, Bluetooth Profiles

    Bluetooth profiles should fix that and I hope USB OTG follow suit.

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