Social for Symbian hits version 1.3; brings Big Improvements

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The Social application for new Symbian phones (Nokia N8, C6-01 and C7) has received a significant update to version 1.3.

A post on the Ovi Blog lists the new features added to Social to include:

  • See your friends’ status updates right from their Contacts Card – now you can see what your friends are up to before you make a phone call.
  • Linked Contacts Indicator enables you to see whose Contacts Cards are socially enabled and whose are not. Now you can manage your social networks more efficiently. No need to sync all your Social contacts at once, just pick and chose your closest friends and always know what they are up to.
  • Add caption when sharing pictures from your camera to bring your photos to life.
  • Higher resolution picture upload up to 4 MB so what you share is clear and sharp.
  • Want to share your favorite Tweet? Now you can retweet!


To get the update, simply launch Social on your device. You may also need to login to your Facebook account after launching the app. You will be notified of the update.


Once you’ve got your update installed and running, let’s have your thoughts on the new features.


  1. Yes facebook and twitter always logged in. Even when I tried from the software updater it kept telling me all my softwares are up to date. Tried updating it manually from social too, keeps telling me software updated but when I check its still 1.2… same ole .. switched off switched on.. same ole same ole ..

  2. Just try logging into Facebook or Twitter with the Social application and you’ll be directed to the update.

  3. Great Improvements.

    If it still does not update, why not uninstall it totally and install a fresh 1.3version.

  4. @Ken @Yomi .. been battling with it for days with no success. Deleted my twitter & fb acct,exited d app, removed it from the home screen switched phone off/on then launched d app and signed in with my fb info … Still no luck..
    @Bosun99 I don’t think there’s a “stand alone” version 1.3, its d update that upgrades it to 1.3 …
    When I’m able to upgrade I’l come back here to share my Thank you all for d suggestions.

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