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I spent some time going through pictures on social media recently. Everywhere one turned, there were pictures. Impromptu pictures. pre-planned pictures. Weird pictures. Sweet pictures. Lame pictures. Amazing pictures. All sorts of pictures. There were pictures everywhere. The truth is that social media thrives largely because of images – and pictures form a huge chunk of those.

It might just be me, in which case you might need to humour me, but it seems to me that a very vibrant part of social media would be missing without the cameraphone. You see, as I went through picture after picture, the vast majority of them – over 90% of them as far as I could see – were taken with mobile phones. There weren’t too many photographs taken with dedicated cameras to see. Social media may be the revolution that it is called, but that revolution is powered by the cameraphone. Social media is powered by the cameraphone, not cameras. Of course, someone will say that social media is powered by mobile, and that would be correct. At least, in these parts.

I already had this article in draft, and then ran into Jesse’s Google+ status that reads:

People love great visuals on social media networks; art, photography, infographics. I’ve observed.

There you go: great minds think (or observe) alike. The very foundation of this article. Yes; people love visuals on social media, and guess what the predominant source of those visuals are – cameraphones! Imagine Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest without all those quick photos taken with cameraphones. Imagine Youtube without the countless videos from cameraphones. Part of the delight of social media is the ability to take a random photo and share it immediately (or sometimes later) for friends, family and strangers (yes; strangers) to fawn over.

Social media would not be half the fun it is today without visuals. Social media loves the cameraphone. Social media users love their cameraphones. My wife is an example. She is not a geek and isn’t technically inclined in any way, but she is on a number of social media networks. When I am getting her a new phone, she always asks about the camera. She wants to know if the phone has a camera, and how good the camera is. You see, her profile pictures need to be constantly updated, among other things. She loves her cameraphone.

Long live social media. Long live the cameraphone.

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  1. There are quite a number of people with zero interest in photography. My former boss was one, yours truly is one.

    What’s the opposite of if chauvinism, by the way?

    Perhaps people like us are in the minority, but people nagged me until I put a picture on my Facebook profile. Faceless man on Facebook, they pilloried me incessantly.

    Uploading pictures to social media? Never occurred to me.

    An oddball, this, yeah.

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