Call me old school, but I will always cherish and value connecting with people physically. I doubt if I’ll ever be able to allow social

Social networking versus physical connection

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Call me old school, but I will always cherish and value connecting with people physically. I doubt if I’ll ever be able to allow social networking erode my need to have a relationship that involves eye contact, personal, one-on-one communication with those that are dear to me. I will always cherish seeing their facial expressions as they react to things I say, as opposed to an emoticon mimmicking the real thing. I will always prefer hearing them laugh to seeing abbreviations like LOL and LWKMD on my screen.

You see, I grew up at a time when the Internet didn’t exist. That was a time when there was no email, chat, Facebook, Twitter and all the other social networking tools you can think of today. At that time, even the mobile phone that has helped in spreading and giving social networking a wider reach wasn’t available. That was a period when friendship was really valued (this of course is my personal opinion of that time and period). And that is why I will always keep social networking in its place.

For me, social networking is supposed to help me keep in touch with the people I care about when they are not near me. It should help bridge the distance between people, but not replace the need for real physical interactions. However, the trend that I see today, especially among younger people is that they prefer to social network than actually enjoy the physical presence of a friend.

This fact came home to me recently as I sat having a meal at a popular eatery in Lagos. The table adjacent the one I was sitting had four lady friends hanging out. However, for the period of about 30 minutes of watching them, not one of them spoke one word to another. They all had a Blackberry phone each, and instead of enjoying each other’s presence, they were all busy tapping away at their phones. I had to wonder what the point of their hanging out was.

Do you still physically hangout with your friends? When you do, do you really hang out or are you so taken over by the mobile rave that your being together actually becomes pointless?


  1. This post really gives us ‘food for thought’.

    Social networking (via Facebook, e.t.c) should never be allowed to REPLACE physical interaction – but just to augment it..

  2. Yep. I still physically hang-out with loved ones. That is one of the reasons I’m not really into facebook. Even when I call phone/internet crazy, I still prefer to hangout once in a while with my loved ones.

    Nothing can replace the affection and bond spending time with loved ones bring. Some feelings are better expressed physically. Some words are better said than written. As a matter of fact, words alone can never express the way we fell at all times. Physical expressions also matter. Hope I’m not sounding so

    My question: Can you replace spending time with your hubby/wife with chatting, facebooking, twitting or BB(ing)? 🙂

  3. Individuals would determine what works best for them.

    As a general rule for me, both real life contact and offline contact have their place. It sucks to see people who are meeting in real life to twibble or fiddle away on their phone while they ought to be mingling and connecting.

    Value of Real life connection.
    * helps makes us sane and human as the pace online can be too fast and sometimes depressing,
    * We are moving and engaging in some fun and physical activities. good exercise.

    Value of Online Connection
    * helps collaborative learning and innovation
    * connects you w/ industry experts and your tribe/kind online. eg – Mobile
    * reconnects you w/ old pals
    * Valuable if you’re in Business promotion

    their is need for moderation and guidance in the way we use social/ online connections. Some of us do it a lot, as it is the off shoot of out job. It was a fad, however it is now becoming a must especially for brands and businesses.

    Set time aside for online connection and decide what you hope to derive from it. it could be a time gobbler if you only go online randomly w/o a set objective,

  4. Waoh can i really do without social networking sha? Its more or less part of Me…although i mingle with friends in real too..lets say 50-50 for both…

  5. Nothing superflous. A down to earth article. Nothing to argue about. Physical presence is better than online presence. However if you are avoiding someone, online is the obvious way to go. It is easier to halt a conversation online than when a person is physically present.

    So, sometimes it is better to keep some friends at arms length online. And some others close Physically!

  6. Physical Wins.

    But can we thrown in some Video calling?

    Will it make a difference?

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