Starcomms now offers the Hisense C1110, a budget device that gives users access to the following online social networking services: Facebook Chat services Skype Twitter

Social networking with Starcomms’ Hisense C1110

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Hisense C11101

Starcomms now offers the Hisense C1110, a budget device that gives users access to the following online social networking services:

  • Facebook
  • Chat services
  • Skype
  • Twitter
  • Google talk
  • Yahoo messenger
  • Hi5

Other specifications of the device include:

  • Qwerty Keypad phone
  • 2.4″ 320×240 TFT landscape LCD
  • 1.3 mega pixel camera
  • Bluetooth
  • MP3/MP4 & FM radio
  • 1000 phone contacts
  • Speaker/Call recorder/Blacklists
  • Mini-USB interface
  • Supporting max 8GB micro-SD storage
  • 1000mAh Battery

Starcomms Hisense C1110

The C1110 is currently available for N9,999 from Starcomms. Users will need internet access subscription to enjoy those social networking services.

If interested, visit a Starcomms shop as soon as you can. There is an ongoing promo that gives you free 100 hours internet, plus a chance to win a 42” inch TV.


  1. Hmmm… Nice one from starcomms. Looks like they are reading our comments on this blog and doing something about it. A good starting point if you ask me.

    Is this a java phone or just one of those china things.

  2. This looks good. But how fast is the mobile internet speed, Evdo? I do understand location should be considered to.

    Btw, big ups to the quick facts page especially the settings bit. But i never seem to find out the price of calling in our networks. When i saw this i was like,how much to mtn, glo?

    May i propose that in the quick facts page, can they put the costs from x network to y network. It will be kinda helpful for people that just want quick fact checking prices rather than going to the networks different websites and digging for it on a slow network. We know all the networks websites have all these flash programs.


  3. Nice budget phone.

    The free 100hrs and opportunity to win 42’LCD will sure lure people and the phone is also nice.

    It looks like starcomms has refused to go for High end phones.

    How will you feel to see a Motorola Droid X on Starcomms home page, after all it is also a CDMA phone.

  4. @bosun99uk

    Not likely starcomms will go for the high end phones for now. Remember they’re just entering into this market (phones with mobile internet/in phone browsing). They will try with the entry level phones first and gradually move up depending on how successful the venture is. They are in business and business is all about making money. If there is good market for high end phones they will not hesitate to jump in.

    @Yomi or anyone
    Is this phone java compartible? I sure would like to get one for my boy. He’s been looking for a phone that can access facebook without a fuss and he has recently fallen for candybar qwerty phones after seeing my moto Q. Java games for him is a must.

  5. @Yomi. Thanks
    What a pity. Such a nice looking phone with nice features and a mouth watering plan to go with it. All for a very affordable price. Java would have been the icing on the cake and would have separated it completely from the likes of those chinese phones.

  6. i must say i am not happy with the functions of this phone. how can one produce a phone at this age without java. When browsing with the phone one cant even see pictures in the page he or she is browsing. It makes the web page so odd. This is really not good i must say.

  7. @vincent

    The best thing to do with this phone is to connect it to pc for browsing.

    I believe that is possible.

  8. Just checked Hisense website out of curiosity. To my surprise, I discovered they have an andriod cdma-evdo phone (HS-E90). Am sure it will be competitively priced. Why on earth starcomms didn’t go for this one? It would have printed their name in letters of gold for being the first coy to bring andriod into nigeria and the phone would have sold in droves. Its not late though, they can still do it. Internet traffic trend is shifted towards mobile devices and they should take advantage of this before other networks beat them to it.

  9. CDMA networks providers in Nigeria have decided to make themselves 2nd place when their counter parties in other countries a favorably competing with GSM.

    There is so much they can gain in selling good phones with bundled internet plans.

    Imagine seeing an advert that shows customers that they can use the phone to access internet on the go and still do tethering to their PC once they have one around.

    Till Then.

  10. Two thumbs up for you Mr Yomi for the good job you’re doing. Please what is the bandwith or download speed of this Starcomms C1110 when connected to PC ? THANKS

  11. the phone is not that bad,am using one and am lovin it.d d browsing is similar to blackberry n the phone is affordable.kudos to starcomms

  12. oh yeah! like you said the phones is a good attempt especially at the price.just got one after i read about it on this site. the phone is functional and reponsive,though you have to do the exploring and discoveries your self.the manual is of no much help.
    I have not activated my internet subscription yet,so not much to say about the social networking responsiveness. These chinese Hisense guys relly do have hisense

  13. hello sir, i just want to thank you for the grate job u did, god will continu helping u. amen. my comment is that what can do for us about the hisens i can not download any video on the phone you no what i mean sir. pls try to get java apication on this phone because this is rated as finest pls sir do somting on this phone. like me i can’t open my facebook,i can’t open my msn mail box. we can’t regiter on it any mobile site pls sir do something . thanks GOD will continue giveing you wisdow

  14. I can I Possible read e-books with the starcomms C1110?
    Is Islo compartible? I want to know? cos I need one

  15. Yes you can read ebooks, thays .txt formats. You can browse from the fone on the go,though in plain form no real graphics, speaker not loud like a typical chinese make. overall i did rate it 7 out of 10 remember no java

  16. I must admit i am severely disappointed in this phone. I have had mine for a week and i stopped using it after the first day. I will probably flush it down the nearest toilet soon. What use is a phone without java or atleast an open source software? The browser is clumsy and outdated, you cannot install any programs, cannot run multiple applications, most websites are not supported, even the version of yahoo mobile the phone opens is one of the oldest possible versions. Please who has seen an e-book in .txt? Most e-books are pdf so why limit the phone to just .txt. e-buddy, getjar and other sites dont recognise the phone as a valid device. It doesnt open high res vidoes. I agree i was foolish for falling for the advert but the uselessness of the phone is out of this world.

  17. A marketer do the marketing with me two days back i must confess i fell in love with it, but with what i have read now i think i’ll keep my change, better for me.

  18. been unable to access d internet after configuration from starcomms.hope this is fruadulent

  19. if properly configured, then all you need to do is unplug on the phone end and re plug, then scroll to data services and enter, then re launch your internet again

  20. am getting tired of the phone already cos am using one.does it really means that someone cannot even chat with his/her friend on facebook,msn e.t.c.pls do something about it,at least for it to have java access.

  21. The phone is a nice piece, but its flaw is that it’s without a java; thus uploading is practically imposibble and a lot of applications which are java related or based are far away from accesible. BIG QUESTION : What Can one do to get d phone (HS-C1110) java enabled? Doing this will in no measure bring an exra life into d phone & excellence to the network ,which in turns give satisfaction to the numerous users.

  22. Is someonë really out there reading and lookin into all this comments or it just another space for users to say things and never get response…….

  23. @Bolarinwa J K

    Why making noise for not getting answers to a question that needs no answer? You want someone to put java on a phone that’s not designed for java by its manufacturer. There’s no answer to that so no need to be mad at the site. This phone is not java enabled. Period!

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