Social Skills: When you add someone on WhatsApp or BBM

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I would like to think that an instant messaging app is a very personal space. Whether it is WhatsApp or BBM or some other brand, it is not public space like Twitter and Facebook. Connecting at instant messaging level is a whole lot more personal and private matter.

hello there

This is why I expect that when a connection is made at that level, it is not too much to expect some form of introduction, especially if the new contact isn’t quite known. I have my custom BBM PIN accessible to the public, so that people can reach me (it isn’t easy to be a celeb LOL). I really do prefer to be reachable.

I find it odd that someone would send a BBM request and after being accepted, they would not say hello. And when I do say hello, introduce myself and ask that I know them, they would keep quiet. Is that a thing? Are they monitoring spirits? Am I just too old school and expecting too much?

Isn’t that like sending me an email or calling my line out of the blues without introducing yourself?

I really do think it is rude of anyone to initiate contact and not be willing to have a brief introduction, but then that might just be me. Maybe I need to loosen up. Or perhaps a lot of people just don’t have social skills anymore.


  1. I disagree Elroy – TOTALLY. It’s lack of manners! Simple and Plain.

  2. I experience that more on whatsapp. An unknown contacts just goes ‘hi’ and starts talking stuff. If I ask for an introduction and you don’t respond, I simply block. There are things I’m not very patient with abeg.

  3. Mr Mo, it is very very annoying, it is mostly done by females, don’t they know that once they read a message the sender gets notified? Now adays I just ignore them or delete their contact, no time for this generation of lazy girls…

  4. Kayode pray tell, why add someone to WhatsApp or BBM and say nothing? It’s laziness AND bad manners.

    Or maybe they are indeed just monitoring spirits.

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