Socialites love Palmchat: app with the easiest way to make friends

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For socialites, the bigger their circle of friends the better their fun and one app is making this kind of social networking both interactive and reliably fast.

‘Shake shake’ is actually a Virtual hand shake
PalmChat - shake shake
Alright, I guess you’re probably wondering what’s ‘Shake shake’? This unique social feature which has been optimized in the latest version Palmchat 5.1.4 cleverly simulates the human hand shake in connecting Palmchat users to one another.

How does it work? It’s quite simple, once the ‘Shake shake’ user interface is up, just shake your smart phone and voila, you make an almost instant new friend connection; it feels more like stretching out your hand every instant and giving an imaginary friend a “Nice to meet dude/ babe, so how about we be good friends?

Not only that the connections are often so effective that most Palmchat pals eventually get to have a sit out!

“I met this dude a Monday, we hung out Friday…”

It’s no magic, one thing that works for this trending app is its ability to connect people based on interest and this feature makes it the rave for socialites because the messaging app is optimized making its social conversion rate quite impressive; users who make connections with other Palmchatters almost certainly get to meet.

Find online date with a “Shake”
PalmChat - online date
Palmchat is fast becoming the choice platform for online dating too and a growing number of young socialites users are hooking up at interest base forums called ‘chat rooms.’ Frankly, latest version Palmchat 5.1.4 isn’t a market leader when compared to the likes of Whatsapp and BBM however; the app is gaining quite some traction amongst young thrill seekers.

To try out the latest Palmchat 5.1.4 click here.

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  1. I don’t know about “Sponsored” (I’ve heard the same tag line elsewhere so it may be the case), but I’d like someone to define “socialite”. If this is an app for “socialites”, why is it being directed at us the masses?

    The word “socialite” in the Nigerian context….lemme not go there.

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