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There are a lot of apps that help us learn. However, there is an app that takes learning a step further. Socratic aims to be an app that help students with their homework. But this time, anyone who has a question can simply use the app to find the answer. All you need to do is open the app and snap a picture of the question. The app presents you with an answer wither from Yahoo or Wikipedia, and thus saves you the effort of typing out your query on Google.

Basically, it does all the work for you and provides answers. Socratic’s math solver allows students to get step-by-step help by taking a picture of an individual problem. Mixed with color-coded substeps and explanations, Socratic provides the best math helper available for free.Socratic

This app makes use of artificial intelligence to determine what information you need, and brings you explanatory videos and other media to give you step-by step help. This is just like having a tutor in your pocket, generating answers from a community of teachers and students. Note that Socratic works on not just math, but also science, history, English and economics.

According to the developers, Socratic is trained on millions of questions, allowing it to identify the relevant concept behind the question. It combines cutting-edge computer vision technologies, which read questions from images, with machine learning classifiers built using millions of sample homework questions, to accurately predict which concepts will help you solve your question.

Here are the features of the app:

  • Fast: Take a photo, get instant results. No waiting involved
  • Powerful: Better than Google for studying
  • All Subjects; Help for all your classes, including IB and AP
  • Customized; It teaches you exactly what you need, like a tutor would

Socratic is available for free on the Google Play Store and on the Apple App Store.

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