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So, Black Friday came and went, and those ultra-cheap items offered for sale was said to have sold out within a few hours. Basically everyone I know was not able to get anything sensible because it’s sold out.


So before I become cynical while wondering about what phantom is buying up all these 60k BlackBerry Passports and 16k Z3s, I want to ask, “Abeg is there anyone that actually got a mobile device from any of these online retailers at the advertised Black Friday prices?”

Maybe I’m just being unduly suspicious, being a Nigerian. Maybe these stuff got snapped up so fast and people rushed them before I could wake up to order mine. If anyone is part of the lucky buyers please indicate.

*chilled Fayrouz in hand, sunglasses on forehead, ears and eyes peeled for responses*


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  1. A way of advertising your company is to offer incredible prices for just a few items.

    The Black Friday is a good opportunity to do just that.

    If all these things are being sold at below cost, it at cosy, why would a company run itself bankrupt offering many of them ?

    it’s simple logiQ, I think….

  2. Kinda deceptive…don’t you think? Anyways, marketing has always been borderline deception

  3. It’s easy – sell a limited amount of stock at knock down prices and find out the demand.
    Now, when SweetDoc247’s Sister-in-Law receives her phone, then I might have some confidence…or is SweetD an insider? Hmmm….

    Even with the reductions, the sellers don’t lose out. Who knows if they have a deal with the manufacturer that if they sell X amount, they will get a certain amount as a commission?

    I take great pleasure watching the Black Friday sales online, especially trying to anticipate what will sell out quickest. The fun continues on Monday.

    *Opens a Pear Fayrouz, checks popcorn, sits and watches*

  4. Konga did same last year, sold out most item dey listed before anyone could buy. Bey did it so well this year( reasonable price slash) was able to get a TV anda refrigerator. Got 4 Innjoo i1s phones at 10k each on Jumia by the way.

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