SOLO Music updated to version 2.0

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SOLO Music 2-0

SOLO Music is the app that grants free access to up to 20 million songs on SOLO Phones. An update has been made available to the app, bringing the following improvements to the service:

  • A clean, updated, user-friendly home screen redesign
  • Playlists can now be downloaded
  • The new Trending section gives you access to what’s heating up the charts
  • Password recovery features are now integrated, so you can retrieve your password should you forget it (SOLO listened!!)
  • Other usability and performance improvements

How to upgrade

For SOLO S350:

  1. Delete one SOLO Music app from your phone (if you have two)
  2. Search for the SOLO Music app in the Google Play Store
  3. Install the app
  4. Sign in and enjoy!

For SOLO S400, S410, S450 and S500:

  1. Search for the SOLO Music app in the Google Play Store
  2. Click update
  3. Sign in once the update is completed and you’re done!

SOLO Music is available for only SOLO smartphones. Download SOLO Music from Google Play


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