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SOLO S350 pack

Yesterday afternoon, the budget SOLO S350 Android smartphone waltzed into our corner of the town and stopped by at MOBILITY Towers. It will be spending some time with us, so we can serve you a full review. It is a media-centric phone like its bigger brother, the S450. That means that it offers you SOLO Music and SOLO View – unlimited access to a library of 20 million songs and tons of movie titles.

SOLO S350 pack open

In the pack is also an Airtel SIM/micro-SIM card. I call it innovative. If your phone is micro-SIM, just pop out the micro-SIM card and use. If your phone uses the standard SIM slot, leave the micro-SIM in the regular SIM frame and slide it into your phone. Other networks should copy that. But what is best about the Airtel bundle is that it gives you free 500MB mobile internet monthly for 12 months.

All of that sounds good in theory – the S350, its built-in media services, and the bundled internet. The question is, How will the S350 perform in every day use? Will these services live up to their billings? How compelling will they be? You know how Mister Mobility loves his music and movies. Yes; I shall be pushing the S350 to see if it can make a convert of me – and of many of you out there.

  1. MTN and GLO already has that type of SIM. I don’t know who started it though. What I’m waiting for now though is for them to do it for SIM swap.

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