SOLO View is awesome, but needs tablet support

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SOLO View is a content distribution service that lets users download thousands of hours of the latest local and international movies and TV shows to watch on their mobile devices. The app is currently available for Android users, regardless of brand. This means that users of other brand name phones can download and use it too.

We have covered it in our review of the SOLO S500 smartphone. I have also tested it on a non-SOLO smartphone, and it works well there too. The service delivers on its promise. SOLO View is great value for money, and everyone interested in the latest movies should use it.

I did attempt to find the app on my Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 tablet, but couldn’t locate it in Google Play on that device. I then used a direct download link, and got the following message:
SOLO View on Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12-2

Designed for phones
! Your device isn’t compatible with this version.

That comes as a bit of a surprise. If there is any type of mobile device that is best suited for video consumption, it has to be a tablet. And a glorious 12.2-inch display tablet like the Galaxy Note Pro with its awesome stereo speakers is just what the doctor ordered for watching movies. I do not know if the incompatibility message is specific to certain tablets or is a generic tablet incompatibility, but SOLO View needs tablet support.

Ask the average user to choose between watching a movie on a 5.5-inch Android smartphone or on a 12.2-inch tablet, and I will go for the latter. SOLO, can we have your app updated for Android support please? Like, right away? Thank you.

PS: Also, unless we got our info wrong, SOLO says that downloaded movies will remain on our device for two weeks. The movie we downloaded for our review disappeared after 4 days. We are pointing this out to SOLO for clarification, and if necessary investigation.

  1. I have downloaded the app but have not been able to enjoy any films as the Callus-miller WiFi spot was not working in PHC. I sent a mail to the Solo peeps since Dec and no response. I have also called the num I got off the net to get advice about how to enjoy the service but the num rings out. My question is, do they have a customer service num I can call to explain things to us as I like the concept. Thanks.

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