I had a good time last night at the SOLO View launch party at Radisson Blu. It was a cool evening of drinks, chops, stars

SOLO View: Watch the latest movies on your Android device

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SOLO View app

I had a good time last night at the SOLO View launch party at Radisson Blu. It was a cool evening of drinks, chops, stars and entertainment lovers. Even got photos with two of my favourite Tinsel stars, but that’s not exactly why you are here. What happened was that SOLO View finally got launched.

Easy Access To Tons Of Movies
SOLO View is the service that lets you download thousands of hours of the latest local and international movies and TV shows on your mobile device. Don’t worry about download speeds. SOLO has set up over 80 SOLO Kiosks nationwide providing WiFi access specifically for downloading the movies of your choice from the service. SOLO claims that their SOLO HotSpot solution means full-length movies can be downloaded in less than 4 minutes and are easily paid for using SOLO pre-paid cards. Downloaded movies remain on your device for two weeks.

SOLO View launch 600

All Android Devices
But….best of all….SOLO View is now available as a downloadable app in Google Play, so all Android users can have it on their devices. I think that this is a smart move on the part of SOLO. So, from this point on, SOLO View isn’t limited to just SOLO smartphones alone any longer.

SOLO view playing

And SOLO’s collection is just mind blowing. Besides movies, guests were treated to awesome tracks – including some very rare old school grooves – at last night’s party. Really good stuff. Personally, I am sold on both SOLO Music and SOLO View. You know how I love my music and movies.

Business Too
But then, it gets even more interesting. SOLO View also offers “Money Matters”, a show that gives users insights from successful entrepreneurs, financial investors and advisors on personal finance and more.

SOLO View is available for Android 4.1 and above. Download SOLO View


  1. Lol @ piracy is fun. The fact is the economy doesn’t support legal downloads due to thehhigh cost of bandwidth, most people like my self will prefer to use torrents for free. Now solo has tried by offering wifi services but the question is where are their locations? Is it restricted to the app? If not restricted Nigerians will abuse the service. Nigeria is just not ready for legal downloads.

  2. What’s the cost to download a movie for the two weeks duration it will be on the device, where are the SOLO kiosks locations?

  3. The hotspots are available at SLOT stores, PTV, Revive. Amongst other stores. The movies cost between 200 and 350 depending on the movie type one wants to download

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