Some alternatives to the official Twitter app for Windows Phone

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The official Twitter app for Windows Phone works well, but if you are on the lookout for alternatives to it, here are three that I recommend that you consider:

Peregrine – free
Peregrine for Windows Phone
Peregrine is a free app that is feature-packed. It supports streaming, location service, notifications, built-in browser, voice dictation and voice reading, as well as auto-completion of usernames and hashtags, among other standard features.

Tweetium – $2.99 (N480)
Tweetium for Windows Phone
Tweetium is a universal app, meaning that once you purchase on mobile, you also get it on PC, and vice versa. The app supports notifications, nine different theme colours and ten accent colours. Advanced options include source app display, muting of users and hashtags, among other features.

The base app supports just one Twitter account at a time, but the Pro version costs more and allows up to 7 accounts, includes push notifications, and an integrated news reader, among others.

Aeries – $2.49 (N400)
Aries seems to have the sleekest user interface of the three. It also provides dark and light theme options. The user can save the position they have read in their timelines.

All three are really good, with some differences. The choice is yours.


  1. I used to use MeTweets, I loved it but some updates ago it started misbehaving so I abandoned it. Likewise Twabbit, but that required more tweaking than I had time for.

    My one constant is Tweetium and so far it hasn’t disappointed me. I can mute (VERY important feature).

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