Some Android smartphones don’t have Gmail and Google Contacts sync

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Did you know that some Android smartphones do not have Gmail, Google Contacts and Google Calendar sync pre-installed? This means that after the usual initial setup, you will be unable to access your Gmail emails and you will have some issues with synchronising your Google Contacts and Calendar/s. This does not apply to forked versions of Android only. Some smartphones running Android OS proper have this issue. Here is what to do to remedy the situation:

  • Install Gmail from Play Store: run it to access your Google email.
  • Install CardDAV Sync free from Play Store: run it and set it up. This will allow you synchronise your Google Contacts with the device. When setting CardDAV up, do not select “One-Way-Sync” in the options presented.
  • Install Google Calendar: run it and go to Settings to activate your Google account. Your Gogle Calendar will synchronise right away.

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