I have sung the praise of the Nokia N9 to high heavens, and it’s all praise that’s due this magnificent piece of work. I could

Some letdowns of the Nokia N9

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I have sung the praise of the Nokia N9 to high heavens, and it’s all praise that’s due this magnificent piece of work. I could go on – and I will! However, while I catch my breath, permit me to vent a bit about the few letdowns that I have found on the Nokia N9.

Nokia N9

Yes; like all other products, the N9 is not perfect. It is just that it’s easy to go gaga when you see and use one.

No Flash Support in Web Browser
Zongs! I really love for my mobile browsers to do Flash. Symbian’s browser does it. The N900’s did it. Nokia, why? Please bring Flash support to the N9.

No Document Editor
You will be able to open and read your documents, but should you need to edit them, please forget about doing that on the N9. For a phone that costs that much, that just sounds…. unforgivable.

Few 3rd Party Apps
The MeeGo/Maemo platform won’t win any medals for availability of 3rd party apps. And there are lots missing. For example, there is no Yahoo Messenger app at the moment. A developer contacted me though to say that plugins are on the way to add such extra functionality.

Text Box Issue in Web Browser
Still investigating this, but right now, if you type in a text box such that you need to scroll through the box, there just doesn’t seem to be a way to scroll.

I have pinched, dragged, swiped, twiddled my fingers, said “Open Sesame”, and blinked twice at the box (hey; you never know!). Nada. No dice.

If this is an omission, it’s a serious usability issue in the web browser and needs to be fixed like yesterday.

No FM Radio/Transmitter
Maybe I have just been spoilt by the N8, but I miss being able to play music via my car’s FM Stereo. Not a big deal, but then…

Updated! No Camera Shutter Button
This is a big deal for me and simply limits what you can do with the camera on this baby. For example, I can’t take self-portraits anymore. A camera button helps with that.

Also, I am not so excited about how auto-focus works here. Pressing the N8’s camera button halfway focuses the lens, then pushing it all the way takes the shot. I prefer that. I have been finding it difficult to get the N9 to focus in Macro mode. A camera shutter button would have taken care of that. Why, Nokia; why?

More Thoughts
The guys at Nokia have said that 3,500 improvements are coming in the first update shortly. Hopefully, that update might address some of the letdowns above.

In the meantime, if I find any more jiggles and shortcomings, I’ll be sure to update this page. At this point, I am going back to staring at, caressing, touching and swiping on my N9. Yes; more review articles are on the way: camera, music, video, browsing, email, Facebook, Twitter, etc, etc, etc.

Hold on to your hats, guys!


  1. I hope Nokia is ready to support their phone N9 in Nigeria. We took N900 to their office in Ikeja they said they do not have technical now how for fixing it.

  2. If the Android port can be effected, then this would be a compelling device.

    Until then, we would need to substitute the ‘smart’ in this ‘smartphone’ with ‘dumb’.

    This is a phone with (realizable) potential…

  3. 1. Don’t care about flash support in my phones. Takes too much data and too much time to load. My laptop its there to handle that.

    2. About the lack of 3rd party apps, I already know that and can live with it. It just means, my N8 will still remain active. At least until Android apps can safely run on Meego.

    3. Document editing. I’m not into that, but if I really have to edit a document, Quick Pro7 on my N8 is there.

    4. Text box issue – now that could be a real issue when trying to comment on sites like Mobility.com.ng.. Hope Nokia fixes that bug soon. Yomi, did you try threatening the phone with a legal weapon like knife, gun, iPhone4?

    5. And there’s the issue of microsim. I’m always switching my 3 active Sim cards between phones, and cutting any one of them will severely limit my mobile productivity. I wonder if there are microsim adapters, like microsd memory cards? I’ll have to get a new microSim card to use on the N9 for a month initially. If i’m ok with its performance, I may then cut one of my regular Sim cards

  4. Really, how many people edit docs with their mobile phones? It was a deciding factor when purchasing my current phone but using it was laborious so i ‘freed’ and used my very comfy Toshiba lappy.
    Flash? No big deal (kinda) *wince*

  5. New product requires caution. Look before you leap. The grass is always greener at the other side of the fence. Until you know that a fool is soon parted with is hard earn money.

  6. Good point there. I just prefer for the functionality to be there, just for those once-a-blue-moon occasions that it comes in handy.

    I have an iPad, which is better suited for documents editing. Plus, there are more than enough apps available on that.

    But I have to speak/write on behalf of others too, you know. That way, everybody can decide whether or not it’s a device they can live with.

  7. Beautiful piece of hardware, no argument with that but without the availability of good 3rd Party apps I sense lots of people will not be buying one.

  8. The interesting thing is that Nokia didn’t plan for a lot of people to buy it. That’s why only about 92,000 units were produced.

    Already, there is a scarcity as not enough people who want one are able to get one. My Twitter line is full of people griping about not being able to get one.

  9. Yes for me, the only issues that i consider real issues are those of microsim slot and lack of fm receiver. these are hardware issues that cannot be remedied with updates.

    i can live with the other shortcomings because i know that those can be fixed with software updates. again, the promised android apps through emulators when implemented will solve most of the application needs.

  10. This habit of using microsims – how smart is that?

    You should tailor your products for the region for which it is meant .
    (tropicalized cars, anyone ?)
    What does it take to provide slots for both SIM types? Surely these aberrant (in this part) devices are expensive enough for one to expect that level of flexibility?

    Or, is there an advantage of micro-sims over regular sized (in this part) ones?

    Lots of people have to swap SIMs from phone to phone. I feel devices with microsims are unnecessary inconveniences… unnecessary

  11. Really think the micro Sim adoption is anti productive for this region. That is one major reason why a lot of people won’t be buying

  12. First off, abt the microsim issue, Eye.Bee.Kay, well said. Can’t b said better.

    The micro sim issue and 3rd party apps are the main issues I may have with this phone if I eventually get one. But hey, we’ll live. What my future n9 can’t do, my soon-to-be-sidekick blackberry 9780 will gladly do. Such as d document editor, yahoo messenger(serzly, wat ? d keyboards there for then? Lol)

    About the flash support, I can manage, I wouldn’t want to consume more data than I can afford to anyway.

    No FM Radio/Transmitter???? Seriously???now this seem unforgivable to me.but all the same, they are working on it. *i serzli hope*

    Now, the last but not the least, this phone had better be really affordable.

  13. Now, the last but not the least, this phone had better be really affordable.

    If you are looking for an affordable device, the N9 is the wrong direction to look in.

    This baby here was designed from the word Go to be exclusive – a limited edition, expensive device. Only 92,000+ units were made. Its a collector’s item.

    I can tell you upfront: the N9 is expensive.

  14. Oga yomi, when I typed affordable, I didn’t mean cheap in the real sense. Of course, I don’t expect it to be dirtcheap.I just meant the price shouldn’t skyrocket just because its an exclusive device. Galaxy s2 is still affordable for a top of the range phone. If the n9 costs more than 90k bros, there is no point. Well, just my opinion.

    So am I still looking in the wrong direction?

  15. Hmmmm, good though! However boss, I have compared prices of some phones in other currencies with the retails here in nigeria. And honestly, I find some discrepancies. Naija retailers are actually cheaper by a couple of thousands(*note: I doubt the origins are same tho*). And on the other hand, phone manufacturer’s offices usually sell at higher prices.
    Mr mobility, any shedding of light on this my little observation pls?

  16. One thing is sure: manufacturers sell devices at different prices across different regions and even countries.

    That should account for the phenomenon you observed.

    I dont know whether phone manufacturers sell devices at their offices. I doubt if they do at all. If theybhave retail stores, that’s a different story.

  17. Well said. Offices/retail stores, I really don’t understand the differences but anyway, samsung showroom on allen have a couple of phones for sale. While lg, adjacent to the samsung showroom/retail store/office sell phones too. *of course, at a hugher price than what I eventually gotten at CV*
    Anyway, I look forward to reading your further reviews on the N9. Have you used the usb tethering yet?

  18. @ceo

    I think the price discrepancy could be as a result of the warranty you get at the manufacturer’s offices. I doubt buying from say Slot would be any cheaper than buying from the manufacturer’s offices.

  19. The text box issue is not peculiar to the N9. We have been living with it on our iPhone. iPhones can’t scroll in text box as well. So @spacyzuma, Yomi shouting iPhone 4 at the N8 would only evoke a wicked jeer at him.

  20. Definitely, lack of a document editor with no hope of getting one from a third party app is really unforgivable for a phone in this price range.

  21. The N9 was made just like it’s predecessor the N900, to be exclusive and unique. With a software update around the corner and some hackers ready to hack some other mobile OSes onto it, the N9 has the hopes of being a very successful,expensive and scarce phone(among hobbyists and geeks that is).

  22. The issue is not whether or not MeeGo has a future, but it is that Nokia says the features that have wowed us on this device are going to show up on their other devices. As said earlier:

    – the N9 is a demonstration product i.e. “have a peek at what we are bringing to you soon on our choice platforms”
    – it is targeted at enthusiasts, not the average smartphone user
    – which is why only 90,000+ units were made

    Once you bear the above in mind, all the problems that you guys are talking about disappear. Puff!

  23. After watching lots of videos and reading reviews, I was so much in love with the N9; esp the black color (i so much loved the way the screen blends with the casing and the body construction is lovely).

    But when I got to know that it was over 140k on average in most stores i woke up and found out that have been day dreaming.

    This phone is sexy, lovely, beautiful but way too expensive.

  24. Hell yes!

    There is À Fm radio + transmitter inside The N9! But no app yes…

    With à small tweak you van use The volume rocker as à schutter key! You let run in background…

    29/02/2012 release PR 1.2 will rock you over 1000 tweaks, mods, bug fixes Ans many many more
    See you soon N9 lovers


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