Some LG smartphones upgraded to Lollipop are having screen sensitivity issues

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LG G2 homescreen in hand

Last week, I got my hands on the LG G2, an aging flagship device that is still holding its own in terms of performance and features. The lovely thing is that it is running the official Android 5 Lollipop software update. A two-year old flagship running the latest version of its software is great.

However, I soon discovered an issue with the device: the screen sensitivity. On the G2, the upper part of the display clearly has issues registering touch. This is especially glaring when you try to edit text you have typed. Nightmarish is the word. Getting the cursor to the point you want to edit would result in you stabbing at the display endlessly. Sometimes, it finally registered. Most times, you are left with no choice but to delete huge chunks of text in order to edit one word.

This reminded me of a complaint that someone had made a little earlier about his LG L90. After upgrading it to Android Lollipop, the phone developed screen sensitivity issues too.

An internet search revealed that there are quite a number of complaints from some LG smartphone users who upgraded their devices to Lollipop. My advice: if you own an LG smartphone running Android 4.4. Kitkat, please hold on from updating to Lollipop.

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