Some more gist/facts about the Pliris Blaze XT: Mobility Exclusive :)

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Hello People!!! By now you keep wanting to see the Blaze XT and all you get are a few Blurry pics, here are some more details and some more ‘blurry’ pics.


We now have a gesture sensor on the Blaze XT!… Just wave your hand to read books and even take pictures!!!…


By default the phone comes with 2GB RAM and 32GB of Drive space (remember the TF card Slot supporting up to 64GB …)


Like the song says and Plirismobile Culture everything we added is Double Double._DSC0677
The Blaze XT is dual SIM!!!… One slot is the Standard mini-SIM,…the other Slot = Micro SIM…_DSC0679

Its got DUAL Flash also for its 13MP Camera on a Full HD SCREEN!!!


and yes… we added a flip case… with a see through cover for your screen….._DSC0673

Pre-Order yours now by email ….


… and as you all know … we are not racists at PlirisMobile … we have the XT in Black and White … at the SAME PRICE!!!!


  1. In the spirit of double_double, would I get a black one one free, if I buy a white one? … ** tongue **

  2. Well eye_bee_kay and dchemist_Rae, you must have spies in our Office. There is a Promo Coming up Soon where a Randomly selected winner will win a Blaze+ when you buy a BlazeXT.

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