Some tips & tricks for your iOS devices

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Here are some handy little tips and tricks to make your ‘iExperience’ even more enjoyable.

1. Screenshots:

IMG 02691

Did you know that pressing both the power and home buttons simultaneously takes an instant screenshot of your screen regardless of what you’re doing. It’s super easy and really cool.

2. Scroll to the top fast:

Tapping over the status bar (which displays the network information, time and battery level) while scrolling down takes you directly to the top of the screen. I can work for many apps such as safari, contacts, mail and other 3rd party apps, as well as when you are in your ipod app.

3. Lock rotation:

IMG 0690

If you’re running iOS 4.0 or later, double tapping on the home button shows you the multitasking bar below. If you drag that to the right, a new bar shows which has lock rotation on the left as shown in the image. Just tap once and your idevice locks in the portrait mode. Useful when you want to lie in awkward positions and still operate your device.

4. Save images from the web

Just tap and hold the image and the option to save pops up.

5. Bring Up Controls

Double tap the home button while the screen is locked to bring up your ipod controls.

IMG 0288

6. Delete Items

Swipe to delete: This works for your Mail app, as well as videos. Swipe your finger across the email you wish to delete and the option to delete appears.

7. Close running programmes

You can close programmes running in the background by double tapping the home key. Hold your finger down on the app you’d like to close until it enters wiggle mode. Then tap the red – icon to close. This works only if you’re on os 4.0 or later.

IMG 06921

8. Scroll through Items

Use the alphabet bar to quickly scroll through contacts or music.

9. Jump to the main screen

Press the home button from any screen to jump to the main screen. Press it while on the main screen and it takes you to the search bar where you can find anything instantly. By anything, I mean contacts, music, notes, apps.

10. Create Folders

Create folders by holding down your finger on an icon. When the apps start wiggling, tap, hold and drag the icon on top of another and it automatically puts them in the same folder. You can rename the folder if you like. To remove the apps from the folder, select the folder, tap and hold an icon in the folder till they are in wiggle mode, then drag the apps out of the folder and release.

IMG 0691

11. Enable Caps Lock

Double-tap the shift icon to enable caps lock. If it doesn’t work for you, you might need to go to settings and enable the feature.

So there you have it. This list is by no means exhaustive, and if you’ve been using your idevice for a while now, you probably have already figured out most of them. Let me know any extra tips or tricks you use frequently on you idevice.

Have a nice week everyone!


  1. Oookay! Nice, cool and easy! I actually thot i knw all dat there is to knw about all d tricks and shortcuts. Thanks a lot!

  2. Nice info on iOS shOrt tips/tricks. mobility is now brimming with iOS articles and I’m delighted.

    “Swipe to delete: This works for your Mail app, as well as videos. Swipe your finger across the email you wish to delete and the option to delete appears.”

    Just one thing though. The Swipe to delete stuff doesn’t work on iPad video menu. Only works for iphone and ipad. What you need to do to delete a video on the ipad is a long press on the video file and then tap on the X spot that appears.

  3. Another tip to add is that a long press on a full stop (.) or coma or dollar/pound ($/£) also brings out a dial-up box, so that you can select the character that you need.For example, a long press on the dollar or pound character on your on-screen keyboard will show all symbols of major currencies for you to choose from.

    Likewise a long press on i will show following keys (?, ì, ï, î …). You then choose which you want by dragging your finger there!

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