As it goes, there is no end to mockers and jesters all over the place – people who can’t help but mock others who make

Somebody asked, “People still use Blackberry?” and got the best answer

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BlackBerry Q10

As it goes, there is no end to mockers and jesters all over the place – people who can’t help but mock others who make choices different from theirs. This morning, someone threw a jab at BlackBerry users withe the line: “Lmao! People still use Blackberry?”

Here was the perfect answer:

The truth is, there are men and women around the world doing fantastic things with their lives though they use a feature phone or a BlackBerry or a Windows Phone or whatever else. Their choice of mobile has not stopped them from making something outstanding of their lives.

Yes; using an Android smartphone doesn’t make anyone better than or inferior to anyone else. Choice of mobile platform is simply that – a choice.

Earlier, Jesse was addressing issues along this line when he tweeted:


We live in the age of cyber bullying. That’s why they do it. Somehow, children get a kick out of mocking those who are different or make different choices from them.


  1. I Could Start A War Similar To The Boko Haram Vs Nigerian Military Type, But I Won’t Bother.

    It’s Not Buyiung When You Light-heartedly Make Fun Of The Isheep And Windowsgoats.

    You Are Merely Helping The Snap Out Of Their Hypnotized State.. Wake Up From Their Lethargy And Embrace The Holy Grail..Android..

    Ain’t That A Noble And Altruistic Thing To Do?

    If You Are Confident And Not Defensive In The Choice You Have Made..In Anything, Why Would You Have A Thrombosis Because Somebody Bashes Your Platform Of Choice?

    I Tire O.

    Bash Android All You Want, And It Does Nothing To My Systolic Pressure.
    How Does That Provide Me With Electricity In My Home?

    It’s Your Opinion. Your Ignorance.

    @ebullientswagg Should Develop Better Swagg. That’s A Pretty Swaggerless Position To Push.

    As For @jesseoguns, He Should Go Look For Better “Jersey” To Wear And Realize That, “Some People Are iSheep , Some Others Are WindowsGoats, And Whoever Is Led Astray From The Android Way Is Not Wise.”

  2. I don’t think @ebullientswagg was trying to say he is better than anyone because he uses an ios or android device. I presently use an android phone and an iPad. I used a Q5 for about 2 weeks. Yet to try Windows though – The ones I would love to own are the top of the range ones 🙂 . Most of the people I personally know that owns a BB device also has an additional phone – ios, android or windows and in some cases feature phones. The truth of the matter though is if I can only own one device, it will run on android for the simple fact that most of the things I can get on all those other platforms are readily available on it and also the ease of use.

    Anyway, @ebullientswagg should keep his ‘fun poking’ offline… those that really love BBM will know that the experience on a BB device is waaaaayyyyy better than on any other device this (and data cost) may explain why people will hold on to the BB as long as the company exists and offers support.

  3. Everyone does it including Mr. Mo and Jessey himself. We’ve all done that at one point or another but some people just find a way of making mountain out of molehill when others are involved.

    Mr. Mo has done a couple of articles to show the inferiority of Android over Symbian in the past either in bit or as a whole. Jessey also did an article to show why he dumped I think a Galaxy S3 for Nokia 8.

    If you touch both of them, they will tell you they were educating but I can tell you in those two, there are always elements of bashing each time they do there thing. I think we should not try finding fault with people doing that. Even Mr. Mo did make such a comment once about Symbian being too old and shouldn’t be used anymore, but of course he is a Symbian and Nokia fanboy and so it may not count as bashing people or another platform.

  4. have to say that a lot of people (mostly teens and younger women) use iPhones because of the prestige (they think) it gives them. it’s people like these that look down on smartphones running other OSes (and their users). i’m a big fan of Android, it appeals to my inner geek, it’s highly customizable and it’s potential for growth is almost unlimited. I preach the gospel of Android to everyone willing to listen. i try to get an Android device into the hands of anyone looking to replace, augment or upgrade their current device. however i’m aware that Android’s not for everyone and people’s tastes may be better served by devices from other ecosystems. so it’s unwise to diss people because we don’t see eye to eye on smartphones (or any other topic for that matter)

  5. I’m a firm believer of using whatever works for you. I’m not loyal to any brand or platform and when I’m asked to give advice to a person in the market for a new device, I don’t immediately yell android.
    In all honesty my OS of choice is BB 10 and Android. Whoever mocks either of them can go seat in a microwave.

  6. I use both BB10 and Android OS’s…’cos variety. I just can’t be loyal to a single thing…..except a woman (even that sef is….nvm).
    I can use any brand of shirt, jeans, perfume, car as long as they are made to great quality standards and they suit my immediate and longterm needs. Same thing applies to devices: I wouldn’t hold a device assembled in Aba just ‘cos it an iOS…. (please don’t argue any suspicious tribal-hate here, abeg)

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