Something for the students: “Flippy Campus” mobile app

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Okay my beautiful readers, so I got something exciting for y’all students out there… application called “Flippy campus” has been made just for you. The app was designed to work just like the traditional notice board.

flippy campus

From Mr. Amishaddai Ofori, lead developer:

The app was designed to work just like the traditional notice board .The executives in an organization put their notices on the board but to make it all easy .we sign in for an executive of a particular department whenever they have an identification, they just put it on the app and every student who has subscribed to his department automatically gets the notice.

The initial launch of this application was at the University of Ghana, first we went to the department head, course reps, SRC president and every student executive responsible for giving out information because they know what it means to give top down communication. So we go with them sometimes to classes or halls to tell the students about it. Within the app is the ability to share, so if you download the app you can share it with your friends by Whatsapp or face book e.t.c . That will also tell the people more about the app.

Basically we started on a flat basis but now we have added a feature called hot topics. In hot topics students get to talk what is trending on campus and make comment, there is an update coming from the app in terms of events happening on campus within the week. It shows as a reminder for those events.

Here is a video demonstrating the working of the app:

The mobile application was developed by Mr. Amishaddai Ofori and his team (David Mumuni, Gideon Boateng, Bright Ahedor) at melt waters school of entrepreneurship Accra Ghana.

flippy campus team

I personally think this application is here to stay in the sense that it takes students into consideration by making things easier for them. So, if flippy campus is currently on your campus do well to join and enjoy the experience and if it is not, do well to introduce it.

Basically it allows university students in Africa share information easily and at no cost .with flippy students can share announcement, it enables you know what is happening in your hall , department and class , saves your time table and get reminders on quizzes and exams. You don’t have to walk to a boring notice board anymore just flip the info to your buddies. Currently flippy is available in legon, UCC, Knust and Ashesi university and other universities, it is available only on play store now….for more info, visit WWW.FLIPYGH.COM

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