Sony Ericsson and Motorola abandon UIQ; adopt Windows Mobile, Android

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uiqFollowing in the heels of Sony Ericsson’s recent announcement that they would no longer be developing the UIQ platform, Motorola, the only other handset manufacturer producing UIQ devices, has also announced that it is abandoning the UIQ ship.

As it is, and unless a miracle happens, UIQ is officially dead. Yes; there are several handsets still on the market and a significant number of UIQ phone users, but from here on its a downhill road.

wmInterestingly, both Sony Ericsson and Motorola are adopting Windows Mobile in their smartphone strategies. Sony Ericsson already has released a top-range Windows Mobile smartphone, the Xperia X1, and it is their first. Motorola has a handful of Windows Mobile devices available already, and have announced that they will continue to produce WM-based devices.

androidWhat’s even more interesting is that Motorola has announced plans to have an Android-based device out in the next one year. Android is Google’s open-source platform for smart mobile devices. At the moment, there is only one Android-powered device in the market, the G1 available exclusively on T-mobile, but the platform is one that holds much promise for the future.