Sony Set To Release First 5G Devices In February

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Going by recent rumours, there are indications that Sony could release a new device at the upcoming Mobile World Congress 2020 holding in February. This will be the first 5G Sony device to appear in the market.


Sony already made allusions to the fact that it is set to announce its next generation smartphones in February and these suggestions seem to ring true. This device, which is rumored to be a flagship Xperia, is set to be the first 5th generation device with a 4K display. The new Xperia device is set to come with a Snapdragon 865 and a 5G connectivity coupled with a 6.6in 4K display.

The first 5G Sony devices are on the way
Leaked Photos of The Flagship 5G Sony Device

Certain other rumored specs of this flagship device are its 21:9 aspect ratio, its possession of uniform bezels, front-facing stereo speakers, and a 3.5mm headphone jack. The new device is expected to run Android 10 OS and is expected to have a quadruple-camera setup with a Time-of-Flight sensor, 12MP ultra-wide angle sensor, 12MP telephoto sensor with a 3× optical zoom and either of a 48MP sensor or a 64MP sensor.

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With no leaks regarding the exact storage space and RAM of the new flagship devices, smartphone lovers are keeping their fingers crossed over this, but expect the storage and RAM to be an upgrade on the Xperia1. The Sony Xperia 1.1 will likely be unveiled with two other Sony smartphones, possibly named the Xperia 0 and Xperia 1 Premium.

The pricing on the device is not certain yet, with reports indicating that the device could hover around 6,000 yuan ($867) in China.


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  1. Sony name might not as loud like other big names in the smartphone world, but for me, they will always remain the best. Brand that doesn’t copy the others and do its thing differently with style.

  2. The Sony brand has been available for long, one of the best around. They make good phones with good specs but they aren’t much in the Nigerian market and also they don’t garner the sorts of publicity Samsung, Huawei and iPhone gets . Any reason for that?

  3. Yeah, Sony is doing what most businesses do, they are concentrating on a niche that they already have on lockdown. They have decided to focus their efforts more on the Console entertainment system, as they know that’s where they have a lot more traction and market influence.

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