Sony Xperia Ear Open Style is coming soon, with a brand new design

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Earlier this year, Sony teased the Xperia Ear Open Style Concept. Now, the company has released more details about the device. Now, prior to this announcement, the Xperia Ear had been known to consist of just a single device, built for one ear. Now the device will come in pairs for both ears. Furthermore, the device is now built to clip around the bottom of the earlobe. This also means that the device is designed to let noise in from the outside world while you wear them. This might be good or bad, depending on the user.

A good example of where this might be a good thing is in the case of runners. The Open Style Xperia Ears let in sound from the outside, which is good for runners, as they have to be aware of their surroundings. However, the most likely reason people put on headphones is to shut out the outside world. Sony says that the new concept will be a good compromise between the two choices, since the Xperia Ear can both deliver solid sound and be inconspicuous.Xperia Ear

A recent test run on the device revealed that the device bleeds sound a bit. Nevertheless, the device was said to produce quit clear sound. However, it gets a bit complicated when you can hear a conversation being held right next to you.

This version of the Xperia Ear supports Sony’s Agent virtual assistant, along with Apple’s Siri and Google’s Assistant. Also, the device comes with a compact charging case. Sony says that the case can get you up to a 12-hour charge, compared to four hours expected out of the box. Also, the earbuds’ support for quick charge means that you can get two hours of listening from charging it for 12 minutes.

Right now, there’s no info on whether this device will make it to the market. Neither is there any info on how much it might cost. Let’s keep fingers crossed that it will b out sooner than later.


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