Sony Xperia S – My Nokia N8 Replacement?

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Sony Xperia S
Sony Xperia S

Sony (formerly Sony Ericsson) has announced a new flagship device, the Xperia S.

I have used the Nokia N8 consistently for about a year, and it has been difficult letting go of it. For one, that superb 12 megapixel camera has had no equal till date. I am a shutterbug. I love to have an exceptional camera on my mobile.

Dropping the N8 meant a downgrade to an 8 megapixel camera phone – the Nokia N9, iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy S II, Nokia E7, Nokia 701 or any of the other pretenders to the crown.

With the announcement of the Sony Xperia S, I am almost certain that this is the device that I want to be using full-time as my personal mobile.

Sony has been good at cameras and audio reproduction on mobile, and I am particular about those. A 12 megapixel camera on a Sony mobile sounds like heaven. Unfortunately, it still won’t have the N8’s Xenon flash, which is a shame. Nothing beats a Xenon flash. I will also miss the FM transmitter, but then…

But I also get a 4.3-inch display and 1080p video recording. The S has MicroSIM card support only, but my main SIM is already cut to MicroSIM anyway, thanks to the N9.

Someone might ask, how about the HTC Titan II and its 16 megapixel camera? I’m sorry guys, but I’ll take a 12 megapixel camera from Nokia, Samsung, Sony or Apple over a 16 megapixel camera from HTC any day – and get better results too.

Plus HTC has never excelled at audio reproduction. Whoever is in charge of that department at HTC needs to be fired.

The Xperia S comes pre-installed with Android Gingerbread, but with a planned upgrade to ICS shortly after the releas. There’s a Dual core 1.5 GHz processor with a GPU and 1 GB RAM in that sleek body too.

If no other manufacturer releases something more impressive than this before its release, I should be found carrying around an Xperia S shortly. Yaaay!


  1. This Sony Smartphone is top notch.

    Nice camera with HD screen plus enough extra.

    Am so eager to see what Samsung Galaxy SIII has to offer.

  2. I was particularly moved by its ability to shoot photo by pressing the dedicated camera button even in sleep mode, that’s impressive.

    Plus, it shoots photo in quick succession. And the other points you’ve mentioned. It sure would be a beast of a device. Lets wait its arrival to Naija.

  3. Great phone. Since I left sonyericsson some years back for Samsung , been waiting for that new device they will produce which will facilitate my return. The xperia s is the beginning of such device. I have always loved Sony for their sound production.will be watching out for more products from them with more specs.

    Yomi, the sound production of the new sets of HTC devices with Beats by Dr Dre are quite good. Especially with those their new ear plugs.

  4. Good Lord! Amazing Specs! Recently one cant decide which to get. There’s Nokia’s Lumia 900(which has won five awards at the CES already), Motorola Driod 4 with its 1GB RAM and 5-row qwerty keyboard, Samsung’s new Galaxy Note which has a 2500mAH battery with others still coming. I think i’ll just settle for a nokia torchlight fone. This people wont kill me with technology! :'(

  5. The specs are impressive, but I think other manufacturers will be announcing their 12MP camera phones this year too. We have had this 8MP flagship Android devices very for too long.

    FM transmitters on smartphones do not seem to be catching on outside Nokia Symbian devices. I doubt very much we would seeing FM transmitters on Nokia Windows devices in the future. For this smartphone world that has seen progressive convergence, FM transmitter is a future I think should not deprecated.

  6. yah, mister mobility I can see that camera is ur No.1 priority when it comes to fone and dat is wht has held u down with N8 bcos I alway wonder Y u never own a galaxy SII(and I always tell myself, u seems never to like Android OS).

    Apart frm d 12Mpixel, wht else has dis fone compare to SII? With 12Mpixel on an android device now u are planning to switch side. If only my N8 has a screen size of 4.somtin” and a battery of 1500+mah, with belle on it, it would have remain a fone for life. Am waiting for the time mr. Mobility will lay hands on xpera s to see the pros and cons of it.

  7. Desiring every new device is like a man of marriageable age lusting after every nubile girl.

    There is no end to it!

    I can therefore empathize with boss_o_matic who said

    I think i’ll just settle for a nokia torchlight fone. This people wont kill me with technology

    Techno_mania is only self_

  8. did a double check when i saw ‘Sony Xperai S’….thought it ws another brand sef. Guess the missing ericsson half would grow on me. As for this device…nah! Colour me mobile retarded but HTC-Samsung-LG would always take precedence over a SonyEricsson for me but with Sony…..well lets see
    note: i’m all about the brand before hardware. Its just my opinion.

  9. As for me am done with phones until they come up with one of ultimate battery capacity say 5000mAH that will last me say at least a week without recharging plus all the specs you can dream & think of. For now am ‘tabing’ all the way.

  10. in the recent past, HTC’s sound production has improved tremendously. i have also come to realise that camera performance/picture quality is not just resricted to the hardware specs alone but also tied to the software. in the case of the sony erricson xperia and iphone 4, i noticed an appreciable improvement in the camera/picture quality after the last software upgrade. also check out the picture quality on the SGS2 running 2.3.3 and that running 2.3.5…. there’s also a remarkable difference..

    well outside the camera, sony xperia S has good specs which has also been in the market for approximately a year now.. probably when the phone is released, we’ll be having 12/16mp, quad-core, 2mb RAM, 4.65″/5.5″ and ICS concurrently released from other hot-blooded manufarcurers like Samsung, HTC, etc.

    i’m loving this competition…. the madness is slowly gathering (hope it doesnt get to that)

  11. also put into consideration/ giving cognisance to the current trends now, focus seems to be moving to tabs now.. at least we now have a tab as small as 5.5″….. the galaxy note is a hybrid standing by

  12. I love 12MP on it and other specs… should be launched with ICS. I just updated my SGSII to Android 4.0.3 (ICS.XXKPA), it’s awsome….

  13. @eye.bee.kay , according to you

    “Desiring every new device is like a man of marriageable age lusting after every nubile girl “.

    I disagree. You don’t necessarily have to long after every new device. But to upgrade to a device that will offer you “better” experience is naturally desirable.

    Its just like when you replace your old box-like TV with the slim plasma or an LCD. If you can afford it why not? I had sgs vibrant before which is a single core phone with 5mp camera & no ffc. I always open up my laptop to make Skype video calls then. Now that I have upgraded to sgs2, I do the Skype video calls on the phone, don’t need waiting till I get home to use the lappy.

    @jkong1, did you install the stock ICS or a custom rom? How fluid and functional is it for you? I learned its still in alpha that’s why I refrained from installing.

  14. @Belushi:

    I disagree. You don’t necessarily have to long after every new device

    You say you disagree, yet you agree immediately with your next sentence?

    Okay o!

    Nothing wrong in upgrading to a more feature_rch / powerful device.

    I said, ‘Desiring every new device is like a man of marriageable age lusting after every nubile girl.’

    The operative word here is- ‘EVERY’

  15. i agree with @arumob concerning the battery. It could have 20mAh or 9000mAh for all i care. They should just optimise it to last at least a day with heavy usage. Anything less would be unacceptable. EOD

  16. in the recent past, HTC’s sound production has improved tremendously.

    Only on some selected devices – and mostly via headphones. Most HTC loudspeakers suck. Badly.

  17. @eye.bee.kay,

    “You say you disagree, yet you agree
    immediately with your next sentence?”

    naaaa….. don’t get it twisted. what I disagreed with is act of anyone running after “every” new device just for the sake of them being the newest thing out there. I know a couple of loaded guys that are in this habit. Sometimes, their present gadget is even better than the one they seek.

    However, its more logical if for identified improved /new functionality one decides to upgrade just like you stated ” Nothing wrong in upgrading to a more
    feature _ rich / powerful device “

  18. The Sony Xperia S, has really nice spec, Most specially the NFC, and NFC tags that comes with it. But I think am going to have a tough time choosing between The Sony Xperia S 12 megapixel and the Nokia 808 pureview 41 megapixel because am so in love with good pictures and both have quality sounds. Though that 41 megapixel of 808 is something else.

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