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This morning, after a heads up that there was an update available for Uber from a friend who uses a BlackBerry Q5, I launched the app on my Passport. The following screenshot was what I got:

Uber update BB10

So, I tapped the “Update Uber Now” button, and the browser launched to load the Google Play page for Uber. Bummer. Of course, Uber isn’t available officially for BB10. I installed it from an extracted Android APK file. Naturally, getting updates would be a pain in the neck, and that is proving true. I shall have to find a way to extract the updated APK file to enjoy the updated version.

For now, without the update, Uber is useless on any BB10 device. Can Uber work out an arrangement to have the app available on Amazon Appstore? That should be easier to make happen than to ask for a native BB10 app ti be developed.

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  1. that’s always a problem with sideloaded apps, a simple (and elegant) solution is to install a 3rd Party App Market/Catalog that pushes updates so you’ll get notifications when apps you downloaded have updates available (used 1Mobile on my Z10)

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