Spaceplan is a game that does not need you to play it at all

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There are games that require you to apply some effort and concentration to play. there are others that you can play without much stress. Now, there’s a third category of mobile games which you can play without even thinking. Spaceplan is one of the latter. This is an idle game, which you just need to let run and check in every once in a while. This is a type of game that plays itself.

Spaceplan is a game where you are in a ship, orbiting a mysterious red planet. Now, in order to figure out what you’re doing on a ship orbiting a red planet, you need to accumulate power, with which you can build technology. For some reason, all these are made of potatoes. It’s not a regular game, that’s what I’m saying.Spaceplan

In the beginning, there’s nothing much for you to do than just click to produce energy. However, as the game progresses, you can use your energy to build useful stuff, like solar panels, satellites and so on. These are devices you could use to gather more energy if you so wish. Thus, after a while you do not need to click anymore to produce energy. Eventually all you would worry about is what to do with all that energy.

Now, this game sounds incredibly boring, especially to folks that are used to more action-packed games. But the storytelling and the sense of humor on the game more than make up for it. You get to choose new tech to build, for example, and there are lots of options to choose from in terms of what to build. While all of this is happening, your onboard computer delivers a constant stream of updates.

Note that this game does not require you to play it all the time. In fact, you barely even need to do anything. Just consider it a pleasant diversion, for when you just need a break from other activity.

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