Everyone likes the sound of unlimited internet. We do know that those unlimited data plans always have one limit or the other, no matter how small. Joining…

Spectranet introduces Unlimited Gold Plan

Everyone likes the sound of unlimited internet. We do know that those unlimited data plans always have one limit or the other, no matter how small. Joining the ranks of Smile 4G and Ntel 4G in offering “unlimited” data plans is another 4G service provider, Spectranet. Here is what Spectranet Unlimited Gold Plan offers you.


Details of Spectranet Unlimited Gold Plan

  • you get full speed 24/7 access on the Spectranet 4G network
  • 30 days validity
  • when you hit 100 GB usage, your speed will be throttled. Spectranet does not specify what speed you will be cut down to from that point
  • Spectranet Unlimited Gold will cost you N18,000 monthly
  • this plan is available only in Lagos and Ibadan for now

spectranet unlimited gold plan

My Thoughts

Spectranet joining the unlimited data club is a welcome development. We need more of this sort of service. Getting full speed on the network is also commendable, as against what we have with Smile’s UnlimitedLite in which the maximum speed that subscribers get is 2 Mbps.


The 100 GB throttle point isn’t bad either. It sounds fair enough to me. What I am uncomfortable with is the fact that the throttled speed isn’t mentioned. I dislike groping in the dark. Subscribers should be made to understand in clear terms what they are signing up for.

I went through Spectranet’s fair usage policy and nothing about the throttle speed is specified there either.


Lastly, N18,000 still sounds like a high price for the service. Ntel offers 30 days unlimited internet for N10,000. The Ntel 4G service is also generally faster than Spectranet’s. This Unlimited Gold plan doesn’t stand a chance in areas where both networks are present. Well, except in an area like Computer village where Ntel is mostly useless during business hours. Spectranet might want to capitalise on that. Whether subscribers are willing to part with N18,000 monthly even within that location remains debatable.

Update: Spectranet FAQ states: “Speed reduces to FUP of 512 Kbps after 100GB is utilized. However, Spectranet reserves the right to limit download speed to 8 Mbps in the first 100 GB in view of maintaining uniform for all customers.”

512 Kbps? No deal. 

Free tip to service providers: Any broadband service provider that wants to smile to the bank should invest in capacity to service Computer Village and environs in Ikeja, Lagos. Demand for fast, reliable and affordable internet is huge there.

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