We do not use Spectranet’s internet service here at Mobility Arena. No member of the Mobility Arena team uses it for personal access either, so


Subscribers cry out over Spectranet’s “outrageous” new Value plans

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We do not use Spectranet’s internet service here at Mobility Arena. No member of the Mobility Arena team uses it for personal access either, so you must excuse us for having been in the dark about goings on on that platform. In the last 24 hours, we have been buzzed by angry subscribers who are wondering why no-one is talking about the ISP’s “outrageous” new data plans.


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Here is one complaint with an overview of the plans embedded:


So, here we go. This is where Spectranet users can vent all they want about the new plans and tariffs. The floor is yours. Let your voice be heard.

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  2. I started using Spectranet last December after I dumped Swift Networks when they started to fiddle with my data by unexplainable depletion (reason I never went the SMILE way). Honestly, I must say it’s been bliss for me using Spectranet both at work and at home such that I had introduced it to two people who attest to their reliability.

    My current subscription activated on February 25 was for N12k/40GB which I have managed pretty well. But looking at the new rates that’ll come into effect on March 15, 2015, honestly I’m not sure I will continue with their service bearing in mind income hasn’t beautifully improved among other things to accommodate such an luxurious increase from Spectranet.

    Imagine the 50GB plan that used to go for N14,500 will now cost N20k. To appease consumers, they have added a bonus of 10GB plus free night browsing between 1am & 7am. Just so they know, I should be asleep at that time and not otherwise just because I want to enjoy free night browsing.

    That time has come for me to start shopping for a new provider. Meanwhile, when again did the guys at Ntel say they’ll roll out their services?

  3. Thank you Mr. Mo, but as one of the oga patapata in the mobile industry, I felt no news should escape your sight even in the blackest of nights.

    Ok. Back to the matter. How Spectranet chooses to increase the cost of data plans without improvement in service after all the promise of better customer service and network improvements early this year still amazes me. Spectranet is still a glorified 3G service where I live (Ijegun/Ikotun). The highest speed I’ve gotten for downloads is not more than 1.x mbps, where x is from 0-9. So if GSM networks are offering more data at cheaper price I see no justification for the increase in the cost data plans of a glorified 3G service.

  4. Seems like all the network providers are increasing their prices, first it was glo now spectranet, I wonder who is next…

  5. I started using Spectranet in November 2015 because SMILE was digging a very deep hole in my pocket. I have been using the ₦12,000 for 40GB package while keeping SMILE for when I really need fast Internet access. It’s been good while it lasted. I guess it’s time to move on.

  6. I have their mifi too. Already making effort to unlock the modem. I’m dumping their sorry ass once my subscription ends. Not like their network is even that good. Rubbish!

  7. Spectranet new data plan’s bad bad, but still cheaper than smile and swift I see

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